Las Vegas Stadium Delayed Says Local Vlogger Jedi Rich Lightowler

(Last Updated On: March 21, 2019)

gets Jedi Rich Lightowler vlog – how did the local vlogger ever get pass security?

The , the 65,000-seat domed event complex and future home of the Oakland Raiders (who would be The Raiders) is behind schedule due to the recent stretch of days of rain and snow that hit Valley.

This news comes from popular local vlogger Richard Lightowler, who calls himself “Jedi Rich Lightowler” on Twitter. Mr. Lightowler, who has taken up the practice of making video-blogs that feature him walking on to and around the property when no one’s around, issued a tweet that reports the stadium project is delayed. This tweet:

The tweet points to a full YouTube video that’s just over 26 minutes long – this one:

Lightowler Got Exclusive Access To Grounds, With No One Around

And it brings up one other giant question: how the heck did he get such exclusive access to grounds? The video above shows that he (or someone filming for Lightowler) either was granted exclusive access to the stadium grounds, or just plain entered the area. In doing so, Lightowler produced images that have never been seen before. One wonders if Authority wanted anyone to present this much detail at this stage. Lightowler managed to drive down into the very stadium floor with his camera – and as you can see, no one else present. Where was security?

Vlogger Lightowler Tells The Truth About ’s Construction Timeline

But the news he offers is interesting, because, as I pointed out in subsequent tweets, McCarthy, the builders of , reported that the facility would be “substantially complete” July 31st, 2020 according to Cardplayer in May of 2018 – in November of 2017, July 31st was offered up as the hard date of completion.

So, how one can advance one day from July to August in a completion date over almost two years is a head-scratcher. But the news is that another media outlet actually went out and countered the mainstream media party line: that the rain and snow had no impact on the progress of the stadium.

As an update, the agenda for this week’s Authority Meeting has a “Staff Summary Report” that’s late as it was written in January. It reads “The project schedule was modified slightly during the reporting period. Substantial completion of the project was extended from July 31, 2020 to August 4, 2020, with the opening game slated for August 6, 2020.” That’s a Thursday.

What the entry doesn’t explain is how the stadium’s expected to go from “substantial completion” on August 4, 2020, to be able to host a game on Thursday, August 6th – two days later?

Moreover, what game? The UNLV 2020 Football Schedule is not set to start at Las Vegas Stadium until August 29th, 2020, with Cal.

And that Thursday, August 6th is the first week of NFL Football, but it doesn’t start until after The NFL Hall Of Fame Game in Canton, Ohio – that weekend. So, it’s not likely the NFL would have its first preseason game in on a Thursday. Something’s off with that document the Stadium Authority added. Moreover, it did not specify what game, it just reads “with the opening game slated for August 6, 2020” – and that, upon inspection, looks like someone just playing games with public relations information.

They expect the mainstream media to report that date without question, and take some heat off of them. Sad.

Lightowler’s blog reports this:

The Raiders Stadium is set to be complete in August 2020. Just in time for preseason in September 2020. Originally it was set to be completed in May 2020. Due to the inclement weather, the stadium got delayed.

When there are rainy, snowy or really windy days only certain parts of the stadium can be worked on. The crew has a schedule where the steel guys have to have certain parts that have to be completed in order for the concrete guys to work and visa versa. If one crew gets off schedule, there can be a real pile up of parts.

Jedi Rich YouTube
Jedi Rich YouTube

Is Delayed But Review Journal Tried To Snow Us

That’s far different from the Review Journal, which took great pains to convince us all that the rain and snow had no impact on the stadium construction timeline.

In other words, it appears that the Review Journal tried to “snow” us. And, as of this writing, it’s supposed to rain, again, this Thursday.

On YouTube, Jedi Rich admitted that more rain and snow could cause the Raiders to remain in Oakland in 2020:

machine JJ
46 minutes ago
So if there’s any more delays could 2020 be put at risk?, thank you for this video……Go Raiders!
JediRich, Creative Producer
7 minutes ago
Yes. It depends if they have accounted for snow days next year. If this “unusual” weather becomes more “usual”, then….it will probably be back to Oakland for 2020.
Zennie62 Oakland News Now Today Commentary Vlog
1 second ago
@JediRich, Creative Producer Weather forecast is for even more rain this year. Awesome video.

And because the giant room off Strip would not be ready until October of 2020, well into the 2020 NFL Season.

In closing, thanks to Mr. Lightowler. It’s a fact that, today, the mainstream media can only be counted on to parrot what they’re told without investigation, but bloggers and vloggers work to get to the truth about a story.

Stay tuned.


By Zennie Abraham

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