Lakers Rajon Rondo Did Spit On Rockets Chris Paul Shows New Video

The LA Lakers vs. Houston Rockets contest Saturday night was to be the debut of LeBron James as an LA Laker at home. But that storyline was overshadowed by a brawl that started in the fourth quarter, as Rockets Chris Paul punching the Lakers Rajon Rondo was the start of a full-scale fight between the teams.

What started it? Rajon Rondo spit in the face of Chris Paul.

At first, LA Lakers representatives tried to cover for Mr. Rondo, saying he didn’t do it. Moreover, it was hard to find a video angle that provided confirmation.

Then, this video surfaced:

It clearly shows Rajon Rondo moving his face and spitting on Chris Paul. And, as I said in the previous post, it looked like Rajon Rondo intended to bait Chris Paul into losing his temper, and the way he elected to make that happen was to inject his nasty saliva into the grill of Mr. Paul.


After this video, Rajon Rondo’s going to have to explain to the NBA why it wasn’t intentional. I doubt the effort goes well.

Stay tuned.

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