Jurell Snyder: Trump Terrorist Was Oakland Police Officer And In US Army At The Time, Is Republican

Jurell Snyder: Trump Terrorist Was Oakland Police Officer And In US Army At The Time, Is Republican

Jurell Snyder: Trump Terrorist Was Oakland Police Officer And In US Army At The Time, Is Republican

ONN – Jurell Snyder: Trump Terrorist Was Oakland Police Officer And In US Army At The Time, Is Republican – vlog by Zennie62 YouTube

Jurell Snyder: Trump Terrorist Was Oakland Police Officer And In US Army At The Time, Is Republican

As it turns out the Oakland Police let now Trump Terrorist Jurell Snyder go back and forth between Iraq and Oakland Police from 2008 to at least 2009. He served two tours of duty.

Here is his interview with Patrick Gartner on January 27, 2009 in LaVoz News. As a note, Jurell Snyder is “JS” where LaVoz is “LV”.

Calling from Iraq, Sergeant Jurell Snyder of the U. S. Army Infantry spoke with La Voz about his experiences so far in his military career.

Politics aside, Sgt. Snyder is a patriot through and through. A loving husband, Snyder shares his concerns for his fellow countrymen and his family back in the U. S. Below, he shares how he answered the call of his country after 9/11 and why he recommitted and reenlisted six years later.

LV: What is the correct spelling of your name and your rank?JS: Jurell J. Snyder, Sergeant – Infantry.

LV: Where were you born? JS: Santa Clara.

LV: Where did you grow up?JS: I grew up in San Jose.

LV: Do you have any brothers or sisters?JS: I have two younger sisters and a younger brother. I also have an older brother, Virgil Taylor Snyder, who played point guard for the De Anza Dons a couple years back.

LV: Are any of your siblings enlisted, or interested in enlisting?JS: Not currently, but my 15 year old brother wants to join the Army Infantry. I support his choice but I want him to get his college degree before [he] enlists.

LV: Who in your family history has joined the military?JS: Both grandfathers and two of my uncles served in the navy. I don’t know why I joined the Army; too much G.I. Joe as a kid I guess.

LV: Wasn’t there a Navy SEAL in that show?JS: Yeah, but nobody ever wanted to buy his action figure at KB Toys.

LV: How soon after you graduated high school did you sign up with the army?JS: I started San Jose State in September 2001 and after 9/11 I waited till my first semester was finished and then enlisted. I continued to take classes online and finished my bachelor’s [degree] in criminal justice here in Iraq during that first deployment.

LV: From your bio sheet, you said that you are currently on your second tour. What were your primary responsibilities in your first tour?JS: I was an infantryman. I would go on raids and patrols.

LV: How long was your first deployment?JS: My first tour was for one year. When I came back home I began working as an officer for the Oakland Police Department and I signed up for the National Guard. I reenlisted for my second tour in August 2008.

LV: Did you reenlist voluntarily? Why did you go back?JS: I heard about soldiers returning for second and third tours. I didn’t feel it was fair for me to continue enjoying my freedom while others were still out here in Iraq.

LV: What is your current job in Iraq?JS: Infantry soldier still. Although, currently I assist with combat logistics patrol. During my first mission we were doing raids. Now we are escorting supplies, mostly gasoline and water, and protecting third country nationals from insurgent activity and ambushes.

LV: Do you find that there has been a reduction of violence since your first deployment? Do you feel that you are in a more stable Iraq?JS: According to a military circulated newspaper, Stars and Stripes, attacks are the lowest they have been in five years.

LV: Do agree with those numbers in Stars and Stripes?JS: I do, Sir. This deployment, I feel, has been much safer than my first.

LV: Do you think that being a patriot and wanting the immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq are mutually exclusive?JS: If the decision is made to withdraw troops, it will take a very long time to do so safely. Whatever my commander in chief decides is the best course of action I will follow.

LV: What is your political affiliation?JS: Republican

LV: Did you vote for Obama?JS: That’s private, sir. My wife didn’t even tell me who she voted for.

LV: Fair enough. How often do you get to talk to your wife back home?JS: At least once a day. Technology on base has really come a long way and the military has really done a lot for the soldiers as far as making it easy to stay in touch with our families.

LV: What are your thoughts on President Obama’s plans to begin the withdrawal of troops?JS: Obama has been elected our new commander-in-chief. No matter what he decides, what ever he decides, I will follow.

LV: Is there anything you would like to say that I have not asked you about?JS: I just want to thank my wife for waiting for me, and with all that is going on in Oakland, I hope my co-workers [Oakland Police Department] are staying safe.

That the Oakland Police would allow a person to basically go from military to civilian without a psychiatric evaluation to make sure Oakland citizens are safe is disturbing.

Here’s the link to the 2009 Snyder interview in LaVoz News.

Stay tuned.

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