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JT The Brick Goes Racist With Blast About NBA Dropping “Owners” As Term

ONN – JT The Brick Goes Racist With Blast About NBA Dropping “Owners” As Term

Sports commentator and friend JT The Brick just went shockingly racist on Facebook. So, as I started I would do, I am going on the attack.

JT wrote this

“So NBA Commissioner Adam Silver wants to drop the word “OWNER” and transition to the term of “Governor” when referring to the individual(s) who have financial control of a franchise.
Another prime example of our country losing its mind.
The word “owner” is now considered offensive by many of the players who obviously don’t want to refer to their boss with a word that conjures up a negative?
Get ready for the NFL to adopt this policy in the near future.
What’s next?
Should we refer to the bakery owner now as The “Pastry Governor”?
If you don’t like the service at a restaurant should you ask for the Cuisine Governor to voice your displeasure?
What about the man or women who owns an office tower or hotel property?
I speak for a living and can’t believe that we are at a time in our lives that we have to deal with this type of nonsense.”

What gets me is that JT The Brick, of all of the things to blast about would pick that. It is a pure slam on those African Americans who are simply trying to stop any appearance modern sport might have to the slave trade.

Since JT The Brick clumsily elected to wade into that area, let me show him that it’s really his actions that are the problem. It’s this constant desire of some folks who think like he does to make sure blacks are reminded of their place in society.

The NBA was right to make that call because it upset the right people: the ones who need to change. The ones who need to understand how to be empathetic to blacks in America. The ones who are all too often the first to act like they need to be the gate keepers of an aspect of social behavior that by its nature is divisive. That is this awful tendency to dictate how someone black should think or respond. In other words, telling a black person that a term isn’t racist, when the black persons thinks it is.

How about this: stop explaining and start understanding, for a change. Less mouth more ears. Bigger heart.

Try it JT The Brick. And while you’re at it, drop the brick.


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