Jovanka Beckles Gets Endorement Of Path-Breaking Author, Newspaper, Union, Democratic Clubs, And Chamber of Commerce For CA AD15

Jovanka Beckles’s endorsements to represent Assembly District 15 continue to astound!

In the last week, she received endorsements from:

$ Author and environmental pioneer Frances Moore Lappé;

$ LGBTQ-oriented Bay Area Reporter newspaper;

$ Massive public employee union AFSCME California;

$ East Bay Young Democrats;

$ Black Young Democrats of the East Bay;

$ Rainbow PAC – the political action committee of the Rainbow Chamber of Commerce headquartered in Sacramento.

Renowned author and ecology activist Frances Moore Lappé, co-founder, Small Planet Institute wrote the path-breaking 1971 book Diet for a Small Planet drawing wide attention to the ecologically destructive nature of the American food production system and presented a holistic vegetarian alternative. Joining the California Sierra Club, seven additional environmental organizations and other environmental leaders, Lappé plans to help publicize Beckles’ continuing commitment to respond to East Bay, California’s and national environmental challenges.

Then the Beckles campaign received notification from massive public employees’ union AFSCME California that she had earned its statewide endorsement.

“My @AFSCME brothers and sisters care for the sick, keep our cities clean and safe, educate our kids, and so much more. I’m so grateful for your support!,” Jovanka declared.

The Bay Area Reporter’s long editorial favoring Jovanka included this:

We admire Beckles because she stands up for her principles and her community. The 15th Assembly District is one of the most progressive in the state, and . . . Beckles has broad support. In fact, most of her primary challengers have endorsed her. . . .

Beckles is an outspoken leader, and in today’s charged political climate, that’s an asset . . . . Democrats in the Legislature run the gamut from moderate to progressive. We need a strong, progressive voice for the under-represented, including LGBTs, and particularly, trans women of color in the East Bay. Beckles will use the Assembly seat to fight for everyone in her district.

More locally, Jovanka received notification of endorsement by both the East Bay Young Democrats and the Black Young Democrats of the East Bay, adding to her broad, diverse, progressive and youthful support base.

“I’m honored that these young people who are very particular have endorsed me. All of our futures are at stake, and they’re in it for the long haul. I look forward to working with them in Sacramento!”

The Rainbow Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee RainbowPAC, headquartered in Sacramento, also decided Jovanka’s the way for AD 15 to go! RainbowPAC supports candidates and promotes legislation supportive of small business and economic development and that uphold the principles of diversity, inclusion and equal rights for all Californians.

Environmentalists, a regional newspaper, youthful political activists, statewide workers and inclusive small businesses – the broad range of Jovanka’s support continues to broaden all in one week!

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