Jovanka Beckles Campaign Statement On CA AD15 Election

Jovanka Beckles, Richmond Councilmember and California Assembly District 15 Candidate, issued the following statement on the election:

As the ballots continue to be counted, we are celebrating our victory in bringing together an unprecedented coalition of community, labor, environmental, LGBTQ and national political organizations in our East Bay movement to put people over profit.

Our dynamic campaign by and for working people has taken on many of the wealthiest and most powerful players in the Democratic Party establishment. No matter where the final count rests, we will continue to strengthen and expand this movement for a California for the many, not the few. With urgency, we will face the plight of our planet and an increasingly unequal society that desperately needs immediate solutions. We will continue to bring hundreds and thousands of working people into political action for the first time.

We respect and appreciate every single vote and all of the workers and volunteers who engaged in the voting efforts. Every vote deserves to be counted. Every voice in Assembly District 15 deserves to be heard, regardless of the ultimate outcome. For that reason we will await the full accounting of the votes before we make a final statement.

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