Joseph Tanios Running For Oakland City Council District 4 Seat

Joe Tanios is one of those Oakland individuals who knows everyone of note (and how you define “note” is up to you) in our town. Mr. Tanios, who’s worked for the City of Oakland for 17 years, is one of those people who really does know ‘where the bodies are buried’ in Oakland.

Now, the man who has a finger-tip feel for the City of Oakland, called me today (about an hour ago) to give me the news that he’s running for the Oakland City Council District Four Seat that Annie Campbell Washington announced she will not seek reelection for in 2018.

(Joe says he’s going to file at the Oakland City Clerk’s Office this Monday. After that’s done, his name should appear on the City of Oakland Elections webpage by this Thursday, depending on staff time.)

I can’t think of a better person for the job who’s not named Annie Campbell Washington. In Joe, Oakland’s getting a man who really does understand the inner-workings of Oakland. More important, he’s known and loved by many, many people.

And for good reason: in an Internet age, Joe’s a people person.

Joe Tanios understands what it means to offer a greeting and a handshake or a pat on the back or a complement for anyone. If you read that, and don’t apply value to it, you have to – to do so is to understand what really drives people to act. Joe get that.

So. The news that Joe exclusively called me to tell you is that he’s running for District Four.

He asked for my boacking; he’s got my support. I ask you to vote for him November of 2018.

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