Jon Gruden Stone-Age Offense: Oakland Raiders Lose 20 – 6 To LA Chargers


ONN – Jon Gruden Stone-Age Offense Oakland Raiders Lose 20 – 6 To Chargers.

No “no-huddle offense,” no “read-option” of any kind, no “pre-shifting” and predictable pass patterns and run plays key an awful performance, where the best the Oakland Raiders Offense could do was muster five yards average per play! The LA Chargers Defense was ready for the Raiders.

That was the subject of conversation on the Sunday night Zennie62 on YouTube Livestream. We also talked about why Jordy Nelson was rumored to plan to retire from the National Football League, what players the Raiders would target in the 2019 NFL Draft, would Marshawn Lynch retire, and more topics!

Now, in closing, “stone-age” means “inflexible” here. Moreover, the basic concepts of the Bill Walsh Offense are all but ignored here: footwork matched with pass-patterns, no special plays designed to take advantage of a defense’s weakness, and no obvious site-adjustment pass-plays. This was just plain terrible. Pick a down-distance example, and see.

Let’s randomly take 1st and 10 for the Raiders at their 41 with 6:25 remaining in the 1st Quarter of the contest. The Oakland Raiders come out in I-Formation, with the tight end to the right. It’s a play-action short pass to Brandon LaFell. Ok, but look at the missed opportunity. Why didn’t Gruden have Brandon LaFell run a skinny post to take advantage of the natural alley between the tight and the flanker that appears when strong-side play-fakes are used from the I-Formation?

And why did Gruden wait until the 9th game of the 2018 NFL Season to use the jet-sweep play that other NFL teams spent much of the season developing ways to stop? A series of play-fakes from the jets sweep was needed – not running a play everyone’s got an answer for!


We will be back Monday night at 8:30 PM PST / 11:30 PM EST.

Stay tuned.

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