John Witherspoon

John Witherspoon’s Last YouTube Video Posted One Day Before His Death

John Witherspoon was on YouTube.

John Witherspoon on YouTube
John Witherspoon

John Witherspoon, who died last night for unknown reasons, was, in addition to being a comedian known for TV and movies, a laugh-getter on YouTube, too. That’s right: John Witherspoon had, or has, a YouTube channel called, well, John Witherspoon.

John Witherspoon joined YouTube in 2009, and posted just 20 videos over the span of ten years, time. But, even with that small output, he gained 176,000 subscribers and over 4.4 million views. Wow! Imagine what the star of the Friday movie series could have done if he posted weekly?

Witherspoon’s YouTube channel topics combined two things everyone loves: food and comedy. His videos echoed common black life in America, and were styled such that he used bright, solid colors and an outfit which was him wearing a large apron, and it would seem nothing else.

His first video was called “Cooking For Poor People” and was posted in 2010. That’s here:

Mr. Witherspoon’s last video was called “Pops is cooking some delicious POOR MAN’S GUMBO – COOKING FOR POOR PEOPLE !!!” and was uploaded on October 28th, 2019. Just one day before he died. Here’s the video.

From the looks of his channel, John Witherspoon wasn’t a YouTube Partner, where he could make money from the ads posted on his video and channel pages and in his videos. “Spoon” missed a great chance to pick up a good side gig as a YouTuber; he certainly had the following to build from.

And not to be avoided, John Witherspoon was on Instagram, too.

Stay tuned.

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