Joseph Tanios Oakland City Council District 4 Candidate Wants “No-Kill” Shelter Policy

OAKLAND, Ca. (November 5, 2018) — If elected to represent District Four at the City Council, Oakland City Council District 4 Candidate Joseph Tanios will improve the lives of Oakland’s residents in many ways and stop Oakland from killing pets to make room for more coming in the shelter.

No-kill pet shelters only euthanize animals who are irremediably suffering and cannot be rehabilitated. They do not kill displaced pets as a means of population control. Right now Oakland’s taxpayer-funded animal shelter is managing the animal population in their facilities by killing animals if they run out of space. Tanios wants that to stop.

“We can do better for the lives of pets in Oakland,” says Joseph Tanios, District 4 candidate for Oakland City Council. “Oaklanders love animals. We want to see animals treated with love, compassion and get re-homed. The adopt don’t shop movement is growing and it’s time for Oakland to take the lead in the No-kill pets movement. It’s tragic that Oakland is still euthanizing tons of pets at the shelter.”

In the FAQ section of the Oakland Animal Services’ website ( question number 24 reveals the sad truth:

Are animals euthanized at the Oakland Animal Services shelter?

Yes. Oakland Animal Services is an open-door facility, which means that we accept any homeless animal in Oakland that needs help. We evaluate each one and take into consideration the animal’s age, temperament, behavior, and health in order to determine whether it will be made available for adoption, transferred to another organization, or humanely euthanized because it is suffering or unsafe to be put back into our community.

Tanios wants the City of Oakland to step up and to stop killing displaced pets in the shelter. The candidate for City Council calls for shelter reform. More information about shelter reform can be found at the No Kill Advocacy Center (

“It’s time to fix our housing crisis, stop crime and solve many other problems in Oakland,” states Tanios. “ It’s also time to stop killing all the displaced dogs and cats in Oakland. Together we can turn this around. Let’s make this happen in Oakland.”

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