James A. McDonald Launches Hercules Investments LLC Portfolio Management

Los Angeles, CA (release) – James A. McDonald, Jr., the award-winning derivatives investment management executive, announced that he has launched Hercules Investments LLC, a Los Angeles-based Registered Investment Advisor. Hercules applies quantitative research to design and actively manage portfolios for investors seeking maximum growth during up or down-market cycles.

Hercules Investments Llc
Hercules Investments Llc

James McDonald, who’s the Chief Executive Officer of Hercules, says that “Robust, quant driven investment strategies are typically only available to Ultra High Net Worth individuals and families with $25 million or more to invest. We can deliver these same strategies to investor portfolios with less than $1 million,” said Mr. McDonald, Chief Executive Officer of Hercules and previous winner of the Top 10 Advisors Rising Stars award from ETF Report magazine.

Hercules offers qualified clients market neutral portfolio management executed primarily through domestic index options. Hercules’ portfolios are designed to achieve aggressive gains whether markets are rising or falling.

“For nearly 100 years investment firms have sought to address the average investor’s goals with simplistic and inefficient mutual funds, or expensive and highly inconsistent stock picking. Meanwhile, sophisticated investors including institutional firms, insurance companies, and ultra-high net worth individuals have sought higher returns during growth phases and greater protection during recessionary phases by utilizing derivatives, particularly options,” said Mr. McDonald. “In our view, index options are a far more efficient and low- cost way to implement growth strategies for client portfolios compared with using funds or individual stocks. Furthermore, index options provide compelling risk/return profiles with substantially less risk and volatility than their stock option counterparts.”

James McDonald previously was CEO/CIO of Index Strategy Advisors Inc. (ISA) from 2010-2019. Prior to ISA he was Director of Strategic Initiatives for the $12 billion AUM Compass BBVA Wealth Management Group where he led the design and execution of brokerage, trust, and insurance strategies serving high net worth and ultra-high net worth clients. He earned a bachelor’s degree in economics from Harvard University.

For more information, please see www.hercules-investments.com

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