Jameis Winston – 5 Reasons Bucs QB Will Become NFL MVP Under Bruce Arians

Atlanta, GA – When Jameis Winston, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Franchise Quarterback, was at Florida State, he was called by many “The Chosen One” for his remarkable passing talent during his freshman year. But, placed in a less-than-state-of-the-art offense under Tampa Bay’s first offensive coordinator and then head coach Dirk Koetter, Winston still performed well, but was placed in an inordinate number of terrible passing play schemes, leading to statistics and performance that were less than his talent points to.

Some in the mainstream media, influenced in part by racism, other parts lack of knoweldge of how to look at a football game, and assisted by Jameis Winston’s own off-field past bad luck and bad judgment (he’s doing fine today), constantly write in such a way as to create a bad image for the Bucs’ star. (A shoutout to ESPN’s Jeanna Laine for not being one of them.) The latest example comes under the headline “Bruce Arians Will Have a Hard Time Making a New QB Out of Jameis Winston.”

The article says that Winston has a problem throwing deep. Meanwhile, here’s the same Jameis Winston throwing deep in practice to Justin Watson:

There’s also video of Winston throwing deep to Mike Evans, among others – all the MMQB had to do was look. So, here’s an effort to set the record straight from Zennie62Media. Here’s 5 reasons why Jameis Winson will be the NFL MVP under Bruce Arians:

Bruce Arians Passing Play Schemes
Bruce Arians Passing Play Schemes will help Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jameis Winston (photo courtesy http://gonzalezpassinggame.weebly.com)

1) Bruce Arians passing offense features both controlled short passes, option routes, and the deep ball and spread formations for Jameis Winson. Coach Arians built his reputation forming the offense that made Pittsburgh Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger a star.
2) Bruce Arians Bucs Offense for Jameis Winson has a number of short, timed passes. The problem with Dirk Koetter’s Bucs Offense was that it lacked a set of specific short passes from spread formation. In watching video from Arians training camp this year, Winston’s in Heaven: short, timed passes of 5 yards to wideouts and “stick” routes, too.
3) Bruce Arians Offense for Jameis Winson will not put him in stupid passing situations. Who can forget when Dirk Koetter had Winston throw a short play action pass out of I-formation against Bengals Defense that had eight-in-the-box and short zone-man coverage. Result: no one was open, Winston’s pass was tipped and intercepted, and the media blamed him, even as he was forced to make a bad scheme look good.
4) Tampa Bay’s Defense under Defensive Coordinator Todd Bowles and featuring star defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh and 2019 NFL Draft 1st Round Pick Devin White, will give the ball back to the Bucs Offense, resulting in more offensive plays per game.
5) Tampa Bay’s offensive rushing attack will be more effective because it will come from wider-split and spread formations more often than under Dirk Koetter.

All of those reasons, and more, will cause Jameis Winston to rise to the level of NFL MVP and quite possibly Super Bowl 54 MVP. Remember, you read it here, first.

Stay tuned.

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