Is Man In Oakland Crocker Highlands YouTube Video A Package Thief? Folks On Nextdoor Think So

An Oakland Crocker Highlands poster I will not name placed this YouTube video on Nextdoor, and it’s from the Crocker Highlands neighborhood.

Now, Nextdoor has incredible credibility problems because of the habit of the website operators to allow people to post commentary without a gauge or review of the truth of what they’re posting, or a view that winds up being nothing more than an attempt at character defamation.

Because of that, it was necessary for this Oakland blogger to ask the Nextdoor community hard questions about the video and who posted it.

UPDATE: a viewer pointed to an unexplained key in the door. Also, I never got an answer to my question if the poster of the video on to Nextdoor is the same person as the one who made and uploaded the video to YouTube. There were a number of defensive “you don’t believe us” responses, rather than a simple “yes” or “no.” Moreover the video description was never updated. I did see another video on the same YouTube channel that was in Oakland, so I had some comfort that this take was truthful. What black Oaklanders are concerned with is what is a rush among some white and Asian Oaklanders to assume that someone African American did something wrong, rather than admit they don’t really know.

The people who know the poster are convinced the person in the video was stealing this package. If you know who the man is, alert him that he’s the focus of scrutiny because of this video.

If he did nothing wrong, he should post on Nextdoor or send an email here.

The Oakland Crocker Highlands neighborhood has been impacted by a series of package thefts. This is where someone comes up to the porch of a home, or the doorstep, and just plain takes a package intended for the home owner or dweller.

To combat the theft problem, Oaklanders have posted security cameras pointed at their doorsteps. This does not mean each video is accurate, and this one was edited. But the Internet chatter about the person in this video: black, male with sunglasses, hat, and dark clothes, is such that he has to be located to get to the bottom of the story.

This space is not accusing him of anything but some an Nextdoor, are.

If he were just picking up a package intended for him, then he should be made to sign for it, and that would protect him and the person who was placing the package out there for him to pick up.

Stay tuned.

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