Is Kevin de León’s California Democratic Party Endorsement Just Ageism Against Dianne Feinstein?

Dianne Feinstein lost to Kevin de León, Saturday.

Yep. The California State Senate’s current President pro tempore beat the legendary, former San Francisco Mayor, current U.S. Senator, and connection back to some of San Francisco’s most incredible moments of progressive social action. The media mentions that Senator Feinstein is 85 – years old, as if that’s some kind of handicap. But if the Cal State Dems selected de Leon over Feinstein for reasons of age, and not politics, than they should be more than ashamed of themselves, and really re-consider the kind of message they send to tbe public.

The California Democratic Party members who attended the event in Oakland (Thanks to the California Democratic Party!), chose to endorse State Senator de León over Feinstein, and with comments about Feinstein like “she’s out of touch,” or “spends too much time in Washington” or other adjectives that add up to a sideways reference to age. State Senator de Leon mistook the Oakland vote 65 percent of the 300 members as a mandate for him. In his statement released on Twitter, State Senator de Leon wrote

“Tonight we showed the world what a truly unified Democratic Party looks like. California Democrats are leading the call for a bold agenda in Washington that puts people before politics & focuses on building a future for our state that works for everyone.”



About the only thing Kevin got half-right in his statement was that the vote was a “rejection of politics as usual” in Washington D.C.. What he missed was that the party is under the impression that someone younger can stand up to President Trump. That the party thinks this way proves that it’s completely forgotten how to win in this national political battle for the soul of America. The last thing anyone should do in the Democratic Party is be seen kicking out the two-decade leader just because she has an approach that gains relationships and action in Washington DC. But that’s what happened – and a number of tweets reflect the dismay this blogger’s expressing.

Some say that Senator Feinstein out of touch because they claim she opposes legal marijuana – well, she reversed her view on that some time ago. Ok, so they point to single-payer? Well, there’s no direct proof an entirely government ran medical system will lower our health care bills, separate from something like controlled subsidies and price controls.

Overall, we’re talking one of two litmus test issues – but then that doesn’t get to the real point of why Kevin de León would be better than Diane Feinstein, and it’s this reason: who the hell in the Senate knows Kevin de León over Dianne Feinstein? Moreover, what about Kevin de León makes him look anything like this massive voice for change, other than just reacting to Diane Feinstein? Have we as a party in California (yes I’m a card-carrying Democrat) so lost our ability to think strategically, that we’re just trying to put in some left-version of the ultra-right-wing? If that’s the case, we’ll lose the silent middle, and that’s where Senator Feinstein performs best.

The silent middle doesn’t discriminate by age. The silent middle doesn’t pick stupid fights. The silient middle reads in detail and understands complex issues. And it’s completely obvious that the California Democratic Party doesn’t represent the silent middle – and will thank Diane Feinstein for being the breakwater against its own ageism in the end.

Kevin de León won’t beat Dianne Feinstein, and the California Democratic Party should be thankful for that. The silent middle will put her back in Washington D.C. Kevin’s win would be the Democrats loss in Washington D.C. We don’t need new blood, we just need to appreciate the blood we have.

Stay tuned.

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