Insight Terminal Solutions Oakland Bulk Terminal, Utah Coal Industry: Salt Lake Tribune Tricks Seen

Insight Terminal Solutions Oakland Bulk Terminal, Utah Coal Industry: Salt Lake Tribune Tricks Seen
(Last Updated On: September 7, 2020)

Insight Terminal Solutions Oakland Bulk Terminal, Utah Coal Industry: Salt Lake Tribune Tricks Seen

ONN – Oakland Bulk Terminal, Utah Coal Industry: Salt Lake Tribune Tricks Seen


So, at first glance, the “letter to the editor” in the Salt Lake Tribune, and called “Letter: Coal port is not worth Utah’s money”, would appear to be by some random reader of the paper and website owned by the publication, right?

But then the letter contained the same tired words I have seen again and again. That’s because my company, Media, is the content development consultant to Insight Terminal Solutions. It’s a role I personally sought after and not just to tell the truth about the (OBOT), but to use the vast network of interconnected blogs, video channels, and social media to the work the mainstream media will not do.

And I made the decision long ago that I would say who my clients are. The reason is simple: I believe that there’s no such thing as “objective journalism”, and the best way to attack what I consider to be the big lie, is to be direct and in your face about who we rep. I mean, you watch commercials for products, you know who the spokesperson is, you make the decision whether to hear the or not.

So, when I was reading “Letter: Coal port is not worth Utah’s money”, something in my head said “Who is Micki Moulton?” So, I went to Google her name and saw this: “Search Results. Web results. Micki Moulton | Salt Lake Tribune Journalist | Muck Rack”. Turns out Micki Moulton is not a random resident who happened to chime in on the , but a listed journalist with the same Salt Lake Tribune.

Yes, the same Salt Lake Tribune, where I wrote this:

Basically, the Utah Legislature is to vote on an action that will result in something like $20 million being invested, to some degree, in OBOT – the ultimate result will be the maintenance of coal industry jobs in Utah, due to the operation of the multi-commodity bulk terminal (not strictly a coal terminal) in Oakland, opening up trade routes for the transport of bulk commodities, coal in this case, to the Pacific Rim.

That should be a simple story, but the work to scare people away from coal (as if other bulk commodities were cleaner, and they’re not) and by the spending on politics and media by people like Tom Steyer (who spent millions of dollars in investments in California and Oakland elected officials, non-profit political organizations, and media efforts), and Paul Huntsman, in this case, have made the matter complicated. To wit, both Steyer and Huntsman have investments in renewable energy, with Mr. Huntsman both owner and manager of The Salt Lake Tribune, while also serving as President and CEO of Huntsman Family Investments. In turn,The Salt Lake Tribune has taken a wild stance against the planned Utah Legislature action to help the coal industry via an investment in the OBOT.

I wonder if this kind of Paul Huntsman “two-step” caused Jennifer Napier-Pearce to resign as Salt Lake Tribune Editor, earlier this month?

The Salt Lake Tribune is consistently putting out the message that it wants coal workers to lose their jobs in the middle of the Pandemic, get job training, and then go for jobs that, drum-roll-please, will not be there. If you look at the data the largest job loss numbers in Utah are in service industry-related firms, not in transportation, manufacturing, or mining.

Climate Change Is A Population Growth Problem, Not So Much A Traditional Energy Product

The conventional wisdom is that climate change is completely the product of using traditional energy sources. But the fact is, climate change is really the byproduct of world population growth. To put it simply, we have too many people on this planet, and we need to slow the rate of population growth – a rate reduction of perhaps by 50 percent going forward.

It has been said by a number of researchers that reducing carbon emissions to zero would not stop the climate change problem. And then consider how we got here:

According to the United Nations Population Fund, human population grew from 1.6 billion to 6.1 billion people during the course of the 20th century. (Think about it: It took all of time for population to reach 1.6 billion; then it shot to 6.1 billion over just 100 years.) During that time emissions of CO2, the leading greenhouse gas, grew 12-fold. And with wide population expected to surpass nine billion over the next 50 years, environmentalists and others are worried about the ability of the planet to withstand the added load of greenhouse gases entering the atmosphere and wreaking havoc on ecosystems down below. – “Does Population Growth Impact Climate Change?”: Scientific American, July 29, 2009

Meanwhile, coal demand wide has suffered the same problems as other industry sectors, and renewable energy has suffered even worse in many cases. But the fact is, coal is used to make steel, and 70 percent of the urban development in the comes from it, and demand to use it to do that is not going away. The move should be to make traditional energy cleaner in operation, launch a Sputnik-level of investment to do so, and we need to slow the rate of population growth. We have to stop the disconnect between jobs and the environment, and get back to a “Star Trek” mentality that asks what technology can make the better? Then do that tech.

But, back to the Salt Lake Tribune. Something else is up. Why do I get the idea that this effort works to the benefit of Huntsman Family Investments? What will the Utah Legislature think when it gets wind of this? What about Utah’s coal workers?

Stay tuned.

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By Zennie Abraham

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