Insight Terminal Solutions Oakland Bulk And Oversized Terminal Isn’t A Coal Terminal, Folks

Insight Terminal Solutions Oakland Bulk And Oversized Terminal Isn’t A Coal Terminal, Folks
(Last Updated On: December 23, 2019)

Insight Terminal Solutions Oakland Bulk And Oversized Terminal Isn’t A Coal Terminal, Folks

ONN – Insight Terminal Solutions Bulk And Oversized Terminal Isn’t A Coal Terminal, Folks

Happy Holidays, ! Let me tell you the truth about the Insight Terminal Solutions Bulk And Oversized Terminal. There have been a number of mainstream media outlets committed to telling lies about the planned Bulk And Oversized Terminal, of which California Capital Investment Group, led by . Let’s take the misinformation fake and debunk them, one by one.

Insight Terminal Solutions Bulk And Oversized Terminal Fake Item One: The Coal Terminal Lie:

The first fake item about the ITS is that it’s a coal terminal. That moniker comes only because the is a bulk terminal designed to facilitate the transport of various commodities, one of which happens to be coal. The does not have a giant, open pit, coal field; by contrast, a coal terminal does. As explained here before, a coal terminal is specifically designed to store and prepare for transport coal, and no other commodity. A coal terminal has large land area available to have open air storage facilities and commonly uses open-air hopper cars to bring in coal. A bulk terminal is vastly different.

A bulk terminal has a definition separate from a coal terminal: according to the Babylon Dictionary, a “bulk terminal” is “A purpose-designed berth or mooring for handling liquid or dry commodities, in unpackaged bulk form, such as oil, grain, ore, and coal. Bulk terminals typically are installed with specialized cargo handling equipment such as pipelines, conveyors, pneumatic evacuators, cranes with clamshell grabs, and rail lines to accommodate cargo handling operations with ships or barges. Commodity-specific storage facilities such as grain silos, petroleum storage tanks, and coal stock yards are also located at these terminals.”

The reason the Bulk And Oversized Terminal was designed to handle various commodities is borne of the original desires of Port of planners to have a deep water bulk terminal that could meet the needs of the bulk commodities market. So, if the market for sulphur improves over coal, then the can facilitate the transport of sulphur, and so on.

It was the City of ’s Pat Cashman via a 2011-2012 market study he commissioned The Tioga Group to produce, who pointed to coal as a key commodity to be handled by the . But, as ’s now former economic development director Fred Blackwell said in 2012, iron ore was a commodity planned for the – something no other media organization points out, proving that their “coverage” is a complete falsehood. Watch Blackwell, here:

But, even with that, the City of has crafted and advanced the lie that it did not know that coal was part of the until 2015. The truth is, the is designed to be a muti-commodity bulk terminal.

Insight Terminal Solutions Bulk And Oversized Terminal Fake Item Two: The Is A Polluter

Again, this is a complete falsehood. The is designed to be a low-emissions facility, and the City of ’s Blackwell said it was a “gift to the environmental community” in 2012. Moreover, the Global Rail Enterprise low-emission train engine will be combined with covered hopper cars to establish a new standard for bulk terminal emissions performance. And, no trucks will be used at the – something the media also fails to report, and a big reason Media was hired by ITS: to get out the truth.

The ITS is a bulk terminal, not a coal terminal. Learn the difference.

Happy Holidays.

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