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Zennie62 is excited to announce its new online marketing, , content creation, and blog development and and distribution services for the 21st Century. This is in competition with Hearst Media Services, which uses the San Francisco Chronicle,, the Houston Chronicle, and it’s other publications as the backbone of its approach.

Where Zennie62 routinely posts press releases under various subject areas and written by and from various sources, the releases are generally not written with with any focus on search engine optimization or social optimization.

That fact pointed to a the existence of a market for a service that creates SEO and SMO optimized press releases that are then distributed via the innovative Zennie62 network system.

This is to present the existence of that service as well as our online marketing, content creation (designated sponsored posts) blog development service.

Zennie62 has developed 98 blogs, including four WordPress blogs, and 94 Blogger blogs, and featuring various types of themes and functions. Oakland News Now is but our latest creation. Please contact Zennie62’s Zennie Abraham below to discuss your needs for a new blog, or to upgrade your existing blog.

Zennie62 consists of a giant network of platforms including 98 blogs, many social pages, and scores of unusual online products that advance Zennie62’s objective of wide spread publication of information. We do not engage in backlink service work, and posts that are sponsored will be marked “sponsored posts.”

takes on clients on a case-by-case basis and we work within your budget. With respect to content development for products, our approach seamlessly complies with disclosure laws.

For more information, email Zennie Abraham at [email protected]

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