Former Councilmember Dick Spees Endorses Nayeli Maxson

Nayeli Maxson and LinkNayeli Maxson and Link


Nayeli Maxson, candidate for Oakland City Council District 4, has received the endorsement of former District 4 Councilmember Dick Spees.

“I am pleased to endorse Nayeli Maxson to serve District 4 because she is resolute in her commitment to serve the interests of all the people of our district.  She understands the district well and will be a responsive, proactive, and energetic representative for all of us and will make our community proud.” Dick Spees, former Councilmember of District 4 (1979-2003)

Dick Spees and his wife Jean

This exciting endorsement comes on the heals of recent support from Councilmember Noel Gallo, Preston Turner, chair of Melrose High Hopes, Irfan Jaffery, owner of Camber and Smoakland, and Lisa McFadin, owner of Duvin wine bar.