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In NFL Draft 2021, Trevor Lawrence Doesn’t Have Strongest Arm, Zach Wilson & Kellen Mond Do

The 2020 NFL Season is over now, after Super Bowl LV, and the NFL Draft 2021 Season is upon us. That brings comparisons of players expected to be the top picks in the National Football League Player Selection Committee. To that end, a guy named Mike Renner (who is said to write for Pro Football Focus, and was on Season 14 of The Bachelor, looks more like he should have been paid by Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, for putting all that valuable work content on Twitter, and not on Pro Football Focus) put a comparison of passing arms in a thread on Twitter.

From the work of Mike Renner (Season 14 of The Bachelor), we learn that Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence, the expected number NFL Draft 2021 one pick, or at least the first quarterback taken, does not have the strongest arm in the field of expected signal callers.

Lawrence’s furthest throw was on 2020 vs. The Citadel, Q1 9:57 and 58 yards.

Here’s who’s better: Ohio State’s Justin Fields at 61 yards, Zach Wilson of BYU at 64 yards, Trey Lance of North Dakota State at 62 yards, Kyle Trask of Florida at 60 yards, and Kellen Mond of Texas A&M, also at 64 yards.

Now, you might ask why this is important. In an era where the home run ball in the NFL is like the three-point shot in the NBA at being a game-changer, and the impact the Kansas City Chiefs’ Offense under Patrick Mahomes has had on the NFL (and still holds after the team’s Super Bowl LV loss), throwing distance and accuracy can be the difference between playoffs and cellar-dweller.

Here are the videos.

Stay tuned.

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