I Tried Vrypac DISH Trail Backpack For Fourth of July And Came Away Impressed

Vrypac DISH Trail is a backpack made by Teka Thomas, who commissioned Zennie62Media to report about it. It’s the second in the Vrypack family, and where the original Vrypack was introduced a year ago. What’s the difference between them? I tried out the Vrypack DISH Trail on this Fourth of July to find out.

The main difference between Vrypac and Vrypac DISH Trail is the name, so I asked Teka via email why it was called “DISH Trail”? This is the statement he sent back to me:

Stanford’s Dish Trail now has a consumer product named after it, an it is produced by a local son. I, Teka Thomas is the son of an emeritus professor, and grew up near the base of the trial in the Stanford Faculty Residential area. Last year my company, Vrypac, launched an eponymously named backpack for outdoor sports and travel. A small, light, ultra thin bag, it barely alters your side profile.

This month, I have released the Vrypac Dish Trail version that expands. I thought of the needs of a Dish Trail hike, and added space for a water bottle and a thin, long sleeve t shirt. I am in the final stage of getting “Dish Trail” trademarked. The new Vrypac comes in pink or black and is available on Amazon.

“I run the Dish Trail all the time when I visit my folks,” says Thomas. “This experience guided me in thinking about the new product. In addition to the basics-wallet, glasses, phone, many often want a 17 oz. water bottle and a long sleeve t-shirt. The convertibility from flat to spacious will add lots of value.” Thomas says the other obvious change is the new color pink, which he says a number of customers requested.

Ok, so that’s great, but does Vrypac DISH Trail do what it’s supposed to do? The fact is, yes, but you have to put it on to find out. Vrypac really does fit a water bottle, but it also really fits well around my chest. I had it on for much of the day, and can tell you its easy to forget its on. So, for a man like me who’s not into fanny packs, the Vrypac DISH Trail fits the bill of my needs, perfectly. I’m serious about that. It’s a cool backpack to have on a hot Fouth of July day.
Go get it.
Vrypac is available for sale on Amazon and Pompusa.org, a veteran marketplace.
Stay tuned.

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