I Lived Through CATS…By Jessica Dwyer

I Lived Through Cats…by Jessica Dwyer
(Last Updated On: March 25, 2020)

I lived through the experience known as Cats and live streamed the entire experience. It was terrifying. It was fascinating. It was way too full of sexual undertones when it came to an abandoned kitten.

If you would like to live through the experience with me, sync your DVD or digital version along with this video live stream I did where you can see the horror on my face at the first experience of Dame Judi Dench looking like the Cowardly Lion or Rebel Wilson just…oh god I just can’t. Don’t make me remember…


By Jessica Dwyer

Jessica Dwyer is VIP Entertainment and Horror Blogger / Vlogger with Zennie62Media and the Founder of Fangirl Magazine.


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