Hey Youtube: #blackouttuesday In Support Of #theshowmustbepaused After George Floyd Murder

Hey YouTube: #blackouttuesday In Support Of #TheShowMustBePaused After George Floyd Murder

Hey YouTube: #blackouttuesday In Support Of #TheShowMustBePaused After George Floyd Murder

ONN – #blackouttuesday In Oakland, SF, California Atlanta, America, The World In Support Of #TheShowMustBePaused After George Floyd Murder

Hey everyone. You may be wondering why you’re staring at a black field today is blackout Tuesday or hashtag blackout Tuesday in support of hashtag this the show must be paused and the reason for this is a number of people spurred by two african-american female artists who observed that there should be a day, will be, stopped and called for the inclusion of African Americans in all of our cultural endeavors.

So I’m making one to reflect the need for more understanding, support of, and encouragement for, blacks in video blogging and in tech. Too often there is a feeling that tech, where efforts like this, are, well, something that only someone white does. Even that that idea isn’t expressed – that’s expressed by non-participation. So we have to be the encourages we have to be the ones that say “Well, no, you too can be a part of this.”

The good news is that you have people like Morgan DeBaum who started Blavity, has made that quite clear and also in producing the Afro Tech events. But we need to go beyond that. It shouldn’t just be one or two of us out of many thousands. It should be others making their own platforms. Every time you do something, you shouldn’t just rush to Facebook. You should make your own blog. Make your own
platform. Don’t rely on somebody else’s platform. Or, Spike Lee would say, “roll your own joint” although I wouldn’t put it exactly like that – except, wait a minute, I actually did, didn’t I? Oh well.

Roll your own joint. Do your own thing. In tech. Make your own platforms. Make your own statements. Make your vlogs. Make your own YouTube channel. Tie that in with your blog. Tie that in with your podcast. Tie that in with your social media account. Twitter. Instagram. Hey, you know what? Did you know you can make your own micro blog platform? I did it’s called Telen.me – PHP based!

Point is don’t think that this is something you can’t do you can we can I can’t I have I’m doing it I have my 98 log network including open news now and Zennie62Media – those are self hosted
vlogs that means I run my own server so and I have to also add though that Hostgator is that the organization that hosts it and I usually pay rent for the space to run it that their help so I want to give a gigantic hat to Hostgator and I might add that parenthetically that’s the best way to go is to have brain space for a server rather than running your own one of your own in total is a bear but I digress be in tech do something that reflects at least an attempt to start your own platform don’t leave the media in the hands of a few join up with others due to to do local news from your voice in that I’m like to thank Auckland Council member alainetaylor and Auckland officials friends and friends in the Bay Area and California and the United States and indeed the world hello David Squires the party’s any 62 media this is that effort to build our own media to essentially roll on a joint so you would say no this isn’t perfectly black I see a keyboard or at least a faint representation of one and my response to you is one word exactly
George Floyd did not die in vain a matter every did not die in vain all of the others who were black had been harassed by police beaten up assaulted killed I was thrown onto the hood of a telephone on Highway Patrol squad car buying a CHP officer for no other reason than in 2006 he was under the impression that I was over the influence now get this and I not went to him and tried to get help for someone who was tailgating me in the sped past passed me 80 miles per hour that entire incident where I wound up in jail for three days would never happen that’s right I wasn’t drunk but some people some officers use breathalyzer machines that are deliberately not well calibrated and so they overestimate the level the blood-alcohol level this should be a nationwide effort on that to stop that alone alone when we took that officer to court twice myself and blew the ball my lawyer he never showed up so the case was reduced from a DUI so that was 2006
I haven’t outed the officer’s name yet – but one day I will. What he did was wrong; I didn’t resist arrest, and he knows it.

So black men, black women, have stories like that. Here’s the point folks: no one should have a story like that. No one.

It was one big reason why I started Zennie62media: to be able to tell my story. To be able to tell my story, in my way, and encourage others to join and tell their stories – yes my way, in a sense, but not from my voice; using their voice. When I say “my way” I mean a technical approach. I’m not telling anybody what to say. Everybody has a story that deserves to be told. Their’s are not told enough, and what I mean by that is I’m not talking about history, I’m talking about what happens right now, to people on the streets.

Oh, by the way. You hear that sound? You hear that? Listen. You just watched this for the amount of time that George Lloyd was suffocated by Minneapolis Park police officer Derek Chauvin, keep that in mind.

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Note from Zennie62Media and Oakland News Now: this video-blog post demonstrates the full and live operation of the latest updated version of an experimental Zennie62Media , Inc. mobile media video-blogging system network that was launched June 2018. This is a major part of Zennie62Media , Inc.’s new and innovative approach to the production of news media. What we call “The Third Wave of Media”. The uploaded video is from a vlogger with the Zennie62 on YouTube Partner Channel, then uploaded to and formatted automatically at the Oakland News Now site and Zennie62-created and owned social media pages. The overall objective is smartphone-enabled, real-time, on the scene reporting of news, interviews, observations, and happenings anywhere in the World and within seconds and not hours. Now, news is reported with a smartphone: no heavy and expensive cameras or even a laptop are necessary. The secondary objective is faster, and very inexpensive media content news production and distribution. We have found there is a disconnect between post length and time to product and revenue generated. With this, the problem is far less, though by no means solved. Zennie62Media is constantly working to improve the system network coding and seeks interested content and media technology partners.


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