Henry Sintay’s Facebook Page: On Oakland’s “Jogger Joe” Who Tossed Homeless Man’s Items Into Lake Merritt

With the start of last week, no one knew anyone called “Jogger Joe” in Oakland, but by the end of the week, and after the man we now know by the name Henry Sintay, and is knicknamed “Jogger Joe”, attacked the well-being of an Oakland homeless man named Jru, and physically assaulted an Oaklander named Matt Nelson, “Jogger Joe” is a public figure.

Thousands of people have looked all over the Internet for any information about Henry Sintay that would lend clues to why he would toss a homeless man’s belongings into Lake Merritt, and beat up Matt Nelson during what appeared to be a peaceful conversation later that same day.

This blogger and others on social media found his unfortunate record of a recent run-in with the law and for the non-violent crime of marijuana possession – something that he could not be easily be arrested for today in California, particularly in Oakland. For that, he was released from prison last November of 2017, if the records are as accurate as we’re led to believe. They point to where he was taken in for the infractions as Lake County, California, and not Oakland. That was the first clue that Mr. Sintay is not only not an Oakland resident, but may be a drifter.

(And as of this writing Mr. Sintay is still roaming the streets. If someone African American had been captured on video assaulting people, the Oakland Police would have locked him up as soon as possible.)

Now, we have a second clue, his Facebook page.

The Facebook page of Henry Sintay has the appropriate settings that allow any member of the general public, anywhere in the world, an “open book” view to a part of his life and his friends. But the key here is where he says he lives: Lower Lake, California, and again, not in Oakland.

Beyond that, there’s an interesting set of photos of Sintay and friends that, overall, would lead one to think he was living a kind of hippy lifestyle. The woman in the photo with him that’s a Facebook memory, has the name “UrIoness Omnidirekshanal” which is not really a name. But the other person is in the photo is named Ian Tehuti Rever, and while the photo is from 2011, Mr. Rever does live in Oakland today, according to his own Facebook profile.

In the first video I made to tell Matt Nelson’s story and mate it with more information about “Jogger Joe”, Matt made a reference to Sintay, and “his friend” who were beating him up. Does this “friend” live in Oakland?

Stay tuned.

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