Hard Knocks 2019 Training Camp With The Oakland Raiders Fet Maxx Crosby Keelan Doss, Nathan Peterman

Hard Knocks 2019 Training Camp With The Oakland Raiders Fet Maxx Crosby Keelan Doss, Nathan Peterman

ONN – Hard Knocks 2019 Training Camp With The Oakland Raiders Fet Maxx Crosby Keelan Doss, Nathan Peterman

Raiders Offense is real story: not the fight at training camp v The Rams, but the use of read-option, Chip Kelly-style runs and play action.

Other take-aways from the second episode of Hard Knocks 2019:

1. Oakland Raiders Head Coach Jon Gruden is a smart guy, smart enough such that he doesn’t need to yell at his quarterbacks when they make a mistake. Better to analyze what happened, and fix the error during game time – not yell.

2. Raiders General Manager Mike Mayock telling 2019 NFL Draft Defensive End Maxx Crosby that Parliament Funkadelic was rap, when everyone knows it’s funk. Mayock lost his black card before he even got one!

Here’s the raw, unedited YouTube-produced transcript from the livestream show:

hey everybody everyone hope you’re well
hope you had a chance to see the latest
version latest episode of Hard Knocks
training camp with the Oakland Raiders
on HBO
it was great programming great show yeah
you know people say well they only
showing you what the team wants you to
see and everything else and but I think
you know having said that the Raiders do
a good job of giving the fan and as much
of an unvarnished view as possible and
quite enjoyed it I mean it was it was
really well done you know it was very
really very well done and I have to say
that on top of everything else what I
particularly enjoy is that I enjoy that
you get a chance to look at people you
say I know that person I know that
person I know that person I know that
person and I was so for a lot of you who
were locals it’s like healing Donghae
you know what I know that guy right and
that that get guy I used to hang out
with in Alameda and I used to do this
and with him and everything else and now
he’s an Oakland Raider right and that’s
that’s a cool thing you know that’s a
cool place to be to be able to say I
know that guy you know and I hope he
makes the team that’s that’s the whole
point about this this really kind of sad
as you look it’s it’s a zero-sum game
someone wins and someone loses okay at
this stage of the game in the NFL and
well actually every stage of the game in
the NFL if you think about it okay
and but you you always want to see the
local hey Sean Watson how you doing you
all up so you always want to see the the
hometown guy or gal make it make it big
you know and that’s certainly true for
Kiel and Doss
thoughts on what I saw there’s some
humor that you could tell this thing has
a media perspective right because what
they show you is the sensational stuff
like for example you will see you’ll see
uh fights right oh there was this fight
you know oh there was this fight okay
oh and there was this fight and and I’m
thinking forget the fight
show me the play that was just ran there
because it was one of those read-option
style runs that were popularized by Chip
Kelly all right and the more I see of
the radar offensive I’m writing here
Raider Raiders offense is real story and
I’m saying not the fight at training
camp and writing is paint cap this is
the Rams but comma but the use of read
option comma Chip Kelly Kelly style runs
and and and looks and action and look
and play action and play action is what
I’ll call it although play action to
some imply something else right but with
what I recall and I’m not gonna be on
this one long lesson I was on until two
but I don’t really have that kind of
time this time I but the last time the
last time I pointed to this was 2015 and
I went to cover the Raiders preseason
game against the Arizona Cardinals
specifically because I was interested in
what then
a coordinated bill musgrave was
experimenting he was actually putting
elements of Chip Kelly’s offense into
the Raider office but really if you look
closer at that game and I believe I
still have video from that what they
were really doing was was putting in
elements from read-option spread offeene
systems particularly those that were
popularized in terms of action by then
cal offensive coordinator under sunny
sunny dykes and who really I think just
in a very quiet way in a very very quiet
way all right
a very quiet way slowly slowly
revolutionized football and Tony
Franklin you’ve never heard the name you
should get to know Tony Franklin because
Derek excuse me uh Jeff excuse me uh the
early success of Cal under sunny dikes
and with Jared golf was strictly a story
with Tony Franklin and Tony and Sonny
had some kind of falling out causing the
cow to switch offensive coordinators and
they never regained the record-setting
mojo they enjoyed under Tony Franklin
that’s just a fact the cover story was
hey you know what he’s gotta go back of
be close to his family Eastern Kentucky
and I believe that you know I’m not
saying I don’t believe that because the
other day that’s what turn it turned out
right but there were mumbled things that
they didn’t quite get along and that’s
really too bad because had they stayed
together I believe they would have
eventually got counted
constant balls and they were certainly
exciting to watch and they had a they
had number one guy in the draft okay
that was Jerry golf right so so so I say
all that because
what I believe the Raiders are doing now
is going back to that and installing
elements of it because 2015 and 2016 in
particular where they’re worse the most
I thought though there’s no 40s slip
there were the most successful years of
the Raider offense in some time that’s
just the books show that all right but
also it’s now style in the NFL to use
that you know what I mean it’s stylish
its style now I’ll get to your comments
regarding Hard Knocks I don’t know how
many of you had a chance to see it again
and Shaun Watson says that he knows you
know you know keel and dos tell us about
Keeley what do you know what you know
about mr. das Shawn love to hear what
your comments on and while you’re typing
something I’ll say that one item of some
coaches approach that I dislike is when
a quarterback in particular makes a
mistake and they yell at the quarterback
and say what were you doing to me a
coach if they’re calling the plays and
maybe John wasn’t calling a place but if
you’re calling the play and you know how
to play his design then you you know
what you’re looking at then you can have
some idea your self of what the crack
was trying to do and the question is was
he going for the right receiver
well Peterman said he was going for a
single single high it’s single high was
going for single coverage but what
happened was he simply threw the ball
late and what you have to ask yourself
you have to be an analyst and say hey
look what happened there and it was a
footwork issue you know just go through
the checklist of things that he does
rather than this yelling like what are
you doing I don’t like that myself I
think that a coach on the field should
be a constant teacher and not a Yeller
okay and I don’t think you get anything
I don’t believe you get anything out of
yelling at people in this day and age
that did work years ago
I was thinking about that as I was
watching Hard Knocks I remember because
the environment tends to be this way
it’s like well okay I need your play
football my reactions yeah I did win
well I’m going out for football in
Scotland did you make it well not
what do you mean not exactly I was a
manager equipment manager what so yeah
well how did that happen okay well I’ll
tell you um I went out to be quarterback
but I really was doing it to get my own
plays in and then I had women defense
and spring practice they put me in a
strong saftey and then the way Skyline
High School in Oakland ran their defense
three four by the way the strong saftey
had an assignment where if it was split
backs and the tightness here and a
strong safeties here if the back came
out of the backfield my assignment was
to cover the back coming out of the
backfield otherwise I was to stay here
okay and the linebacker strong side had
the tight end I know it seemed like a
little scary because you would think
maybe the strong side linebacker should
take the back but they were having a
strong looks lion lion back actually
chucked the tight end which I understand
so if the back came out what I was doing
was going with him otherwise I was
coming out of a essentially double
action so what I did was this instead of
when the bat came out instead of going
straight for the back to cover him the
flanker was coming out and Frank was
gonna run it out pattern what I did was
I went this way and I was trying to bake
the quarterback into going for the back
because in those days the idea of
checking down was unheard of this was
1978 okay
Bill Walsh had not come to a point where
his systems were popularized where you
throw that kind of what they call check
down or
or flat and so I basically went Heil as
if I was going to double cover the
flanker and I could hear Tony far
Della’s the coach of skyline at the time
yell I mean boy he turned three shades
of red yeah I said red
he turned three shades of red what are
you done and when I went back I had a
solid explanation why I did what I did
and you know end of the day he was
nothing he could say because he knew it
was a good idea in fact I have what
would happen was I wound up getting four
of my plays in including a very unique
kind of double reverse pitch pass which
went for 36 yards and a touchdown
against Fremont highs Fremont High
School if you’re watching this you went
to Fremont High hey skyline was better
anyway so my point is that I always
believed that you should have a
pointillist a pointillist of pretty much
a pointillist view of you our way of
approaching the game and an intelligent
way of approaching the game rather than
yelling okay and so and so what happens
is that if you come off yelling in this
day and age players don’t know a lot and
those days players were afraid of fart
della they were afraid of hearing his
voice they’re afraid of what he might
but today today players instead of being
afraid that you’re gonna yell some of
them might fight you okay in front of
everybody thinking you know you’re gonna
challenge my hand because you have
players particularly in college and
Gordon and I felt ly beat him in high
yeah players who come from in some cases
tough neighborhoods and you’re probably
you’re dealing with people pointing guns
at them or have guns themselves and so
they have a mentality like especially if
the person is is white
– a guy yelling out like that you can’t
yell at me you blankety-blank
so you so what happens is that instead
of you teaching the player something it
becomes a sort of mano a mano thing that
really has no business in football at
that level where the coach is supposed
to be the teacher but if you’re trying
to assert yourself to a player today all
is lost
okay the player comes in and already
knows that you are the head coach and or
the assistant they got that also a lot
of people forget this the player wants
to make the team so any sane player is
not going to step out of bounds and
upset the coach and not perform within
the repertoire that’s set up for the
player right so if you take all that
into consideration then it becomes
obvious that yelling is not so necessary
teaching is better and so when I hear
John yell on my first thought is okay
like with Glennon right oh nice play
okay instead of yelling or even if he’s
praising him talk about how he could
have done better with the play you know
think it through or maybe that was hey
if that’s the wrong play for them to
call admit it I mean I notice he got
after Nathan Peterson for calling or run
play into the strong safety okay
now there are times when you actually
want to do that why because you’re
setting up for another play okay in
football there aren’t not absolutes in
life they’re not absolutes you don’t
always do everything the same way all
the time sometimes there’s a logical
reason to call a running and have that
person run in that direction toward the
strength because you might very well be
setting up a play you might want to have
a situation where you’re setting okay
let’s say you’re going I left okay and
you want to set up play-action faith
I left play-action split in post which
means I left this over here from my
perspective split in is running a post
you’re coming play-action like a sprig
draw like the Seattle Seahawks used to
run with Jim Zorn in late 70s all right
they did that beautifully you designed
that sprint draw have him like he’s fake
to the halfback and the full-back come
out just a yard behind where the tight
end lines up about seven yards back
seven six six and a half the seven and a
half yards back all right
play-action fake boom boom boom one two
three steps stop I have the split and
run fake the corner and then come back
to the post
Giants won against the Athletics three
two battle will be a touchdown
okay so my point is their reasons why
you wouldn’t want to call a strong side
run like that where the safety is up
close rather than running away from the
safety because hey you’re trying to set
the defense up so the safety is close
and the free safety on the other side is
cheating over to the strong side because
hey just because they’re over there
doesn’t mean you’re not gonna gain yards
let’s say they’re over there and you do
gain yards well that gives them an
incentive not gonna back off they’re
gonna just tighten up on the strong side
great let me do that they tighten up on
the strong side they’re having a problem
stopping you for no gain you’re getting
three and four yards set them up for the
big shot okay
that’s what I’m talking about so that
example right there
explains why it’s not a good idea for
coaches hey man now you’re done man
what are you doing man oh you know
because it becomes noise and what
happens is that you have a player doing
with Mike Glennon and Nathan Peterman
did oh yes sir yes sir yes sir because
they’re it’s not so much I mean they do
respect him I’m sure but they’re also
just basically just laying yeah I got it
sir you don’t have to yell at me okay
that’s what basically they’re saying
even if they didn’t get it they don’t
want to be yelled at no one wants to be
yelled at it takes a special person to
say I want you to yell at me in front of
everybody I don’t know a lot of people
like that all right I know some but I
don’t know a lot of people like that
okay and so I don’t think it’s a good
idea for John to keep that up because
you know if you don’t have a technical
explanation why somebody did something
wrong after a while that yelling is
gonna become you know it’s gonna sound
wawk wawk wawk wawk wawk wawk and that’s
not gonna help the Raiders so you know I
don’t it’s that’s not it wasn’t a good
situation it wasn’t a good look for John
on the other hand a good look for the
team was the humor reaching incognito
because there was a segment where
they had this fight okay and incognito
was like why are you involved Anita’s no
SS pushing one thing I’ve learned in
this league is you know you don’t do all
that pushing right and it was quite
funny and so incognito says you know one
thing I’ve learned in counseling is how
to count to ten and whoever he was
talking to said yeah I was gonna get to
that at some point in other words haha
no it’s hey House Council you work it
for you you know what I mean it’s
finding fun stuff funny stuff I think
yeah I pray for Richie incognito success
because the Lord has done him give him
Dunham’s a solid and giving him this
great chance he’s got a two-game
suspension he’s got a lot of experience
there’s no question but he’s gonna make
the team and I think the offenses gonna
be in good hands when he’s able to get
in there
my concern I mean my concern is is less
with what I is less than what I saw the
week before because I’ve seen this new
team and it is a brand new team okay on
the field I mean it is
brand-new team it is better by some
length than the previous Raiders version
the question is how and I’ve said this
before and I’ll say this again the
question is how they adjust under fire
okay and how well those plays work under
when they’re touched done hey John how
you doing great to have you here
what did you think of hard knocks is you
have a chance to see it so at any rate I
come away with a good feeling about the
organization and I can’t wait to see
what he does with Antonio Brown I still
think that John needs to just emphasize
the positive about he’s done a great
great great great great great great
great great great great great great
great pivot in terms of saying hey you
know what we’re on this man’s side he’s
gonna be here we can’t wait to get him
in here I’ve got great place for fine
okay great stuff
my only concern again is hey you know
what Oh doing this is saying he’s
watching it now for the third time
tonight are you wait wait let me get
this straight you’re watching the same
episode three times it’s pretty cool
alright John says yeah I saw it I liked
it would you like most Joseph M endure
is or he’s a Joseph M endurance Joseph
says a my question is theoretically if
it’s a brand-new team are we going
through another steep learning curve and
the answer is yeah you are and that is
why I’m concerned about this yelling and
screaming thing because if you’re going
through a whole new team with whole new
voices and I’ve said this before they’ve
got to get to know each other okay I
mean so there’s two ways you can go with
this you can either be deal the Jon
Gruden of 2003 that took the Buccaneers
to the Super Bowl that Buccaneers team
did not need to be reassembled okay they
had great players they had like Joe
Jarrett vicious for example all George
Aaron’s vicious Joe Jarrett vicious
biggest handicap at the time was Clyde
Christiansen as the
offensive coordinator and unfortunately
Tony Genji was really just getting his
sea legs in terms of designing offensive
schemes his defense was without parallel
the one that he constructed and got
Monte Kiffin to run that he basically
took from bug Carson because he played
for buck Carson at the Steelers and then
made some he created what’s called the
Tampa Blitz Tampa to blitz okay and so
and so but by the time he got to the
Colts talking about Dungy he was smarter
to get Tom Moore and really turned it
around doing it says love this episode
Oh Joseph says the first scrimmage where
the Rams looked horrible
the second scrimmage was a lot better
but everything is relative
dudas Daly says love this episode
tonight last week seemed a little
chopped up and didn’t flow well to me
tonight had a great flow through I agree
with you and through the whole episode
you know I didn’t look at it from that
perspective but now that I think about
it you’re absolutely right it did flow
really really well I liked how they set
up the storylines and followed through
with those storylines okay particularly
with the locals and you know we saw MXC
Max Crosby do a good good good hip hop
all right and someone needs to tell mike
Mayock that parliament-funkadelic
is not wrap parliament-funkadelic
hey mike parliament-funkadelic
is not wrap parliament-funkadelic is
funk okay in fact I think I would make a
special video form say a Mayock me tell
you something about p-funk man it’s not
rap because he’s getting after KRAS
being like oh he’s like and Mike is like
trying to say on that busy I’m dude I’m
blacker than you I know that you know
but it was hilarious it was hilarious
television and Joe surrenders his
old-school funk yeah old-school funk but
here Mayock is calling it round I’m
thinking Parliament is not rap dude
uh-uh Parliament is not wrapped
Parliament is straight up okay and
if you think about it hip-hop is the new
Phung but that’s another story okay all
right it is 24 minutes
I got a jam folks got a big day tomorrow
but I will be back and you have any
desires for coverage or you want to say
something you know call in let me know
and we’ll set it up I’ll see you all
later and thanks for watching
appreciate it

Stay tuned.

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