Giant Oakland 2018 Christmas Eve Power Outage Never Explained By PG&E

If you were in Oakland and able to watch the Oakland Raiders (final) game hosting the Denver Broncos on Monday Night Football, consider yourself lucky. About 6,800 Oaklander homes in the Glenview Neighborhood were not able to join you because of a giant PG&E Power Outage. The neighborhood listserv has many accounts of the PG&E Power Outage, so let’s look at some of them, in order (names and email addresses were removed).

The word of the problem started at 4:16 PM PST / 7:16 PM EST Christmas Eve:

“Has anyone else lost power? We lost electrical service about 20 minutes ago. I did call it in but I don’t know how widespread the problem is.”

“Mine is also out at LaCresta and Wellington”

“Yep. Ardley at hampel. PGE estimates 6:45 pm restore but they do tend to overestimate. No cause determined yet. “

“Park Blvd and Leimert, NO OUTAGE”

“Mine is also out at LaCresta and Wellington”

“East 38th out — looks like the entire area”

“6,800 some odd”

“Estimate 7:00. Covers a big chunk of Oakland”

“yes – there’s a large swath of affected homes”

“PG&E told me 6,000 homes are affected. They’re trying to find the location of the fault.”

“We drove down Park Blvd. Lights were out from El Centro past the Presbyterian Church. The Glenview Business District and street lights are also out. All the restaurants were dark and people driving up and down Park paid no attention to some of us trying to drive across Park.”

And then the power finally came back on at 8:44 PM PST / 11:44 PM EST, just before Santa Claus was to arrive for Christmas, at Midnight:

“Power back on at Vista St”

“We got a phone call from PG&E that said that 6,000 some people were out. Our lights came back on later than predicted, after 8.”

PG&E Never Officially Reported What Casued The Giant Oakland Hills Outage

While PG&E never explained what caused the Giant Oakland Hills Outage, we can speculate that people putting up Christmas Trees and lights may have had something to do with it. Then, PG&E did issue this tweet about the weather:

Stay tuned.

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