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Georgia NAACP Praises Randolph County Decision to Keep Polls Open

(Last Updated On: December 29, 2018)

The Georgia NAACP issued a statement in praise of Randolph County Board of Elections decision to vote against a consultant proposal to close 7 of 9 voting polls in a nearly-all Black district, less than 3 months before the November midterm elections.

“Voter suppression happens in many ways, some subtle and some direct –our job is to stop it wherever it appears,” said NAACP Georgia State Conference President Phyllis Blake. “We also are extremely wary of the apparent conflict of interest issues that continue to mar the campaign of Secretary of State and Candidate for Georgia Governor Brian Kemp. His connection to the consultant who recommended these closings needs to be investigated,” added Blake.

Earlier this month, the NAACP Georgia State Conference called for Secretary Of State Brian Kemp to step down from office due to possible unethical and conflict of interest issues. The group pointed to a report from the Atlanta Channel Five “FOX 5 I-Team” — Georgia Secretary Brian Kemp, a President Donald Trump-endorsed for Georgia Governor candidate, used a taxpayer paid for app to promote his Georgia gubernatorial campaign. 

The Georgia State Conference NAACP continues to voice the argument that it is highly unethical for Georgia Secretary Of State Brian Kemp, the individual responsible for protecting the integrity of the voting process, to give the appearance of using that position to advance their political career to the level of Governor of Georgia.

Zennie62Media note: in fairness to Georgia Secretary Of State Brian Kemp, he is on record as calling for and supporting the decision by Randolph County to keep the polls open.

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