GBI Video Of House Shown By AJC Inconclusive In Ahmaud Arbery Case; No Theft Occured

Gbi Video Of House Shown By Ajc Inconclusive In Ahmaud Arbery Case; No Theft Occured
(Last Updated On: May 13, 2020)

GBI Video Of House Shown By AJC Inconclusive In Ahmaud Arbery Case; No Theft Occured


ONN – GBI Video Of House Shown By AJC Inconclusive In Ahmaud Arbery Case; No Theft Occured

If you’re going to tell any part of a crime story, especially one that has overt racial overtones like the Ahmaud Arbery Case, you’d better work to get it right. What I’m presenting marks one more reason why I don’t call myself a journalistwhy I don’t call myself a journalist as opposed to a blogger / ger.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution ran a story on Saturday May 9th, 2020, based on a video the publication called “The AJC” claimed to have received from a mysterious person “outside the GBI”, which is the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. The GBI was called in to look at the Ahmaud Arbery Case at the order of Georgia Governor Brian Kemp. The GBI itself had obtained a set of videos, but not the one claimed by the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

The AJC video, as written about by a man named Brad Schrade, supposedly showed a “man” who was said might be Ahmaud Arbery, going into a home under construction in the part of Brunswick, Georgia, where Arbery was killed. This obsentibly happened before the truck chase where Ahmaud Arbery was eventually shot three times, twice in the chest, once in the wrist. Then, subsequent reports on local television stations in Atlanta, claimed that a video – that video – showed Ahmaud Arbery going into the home.

Then, photos of what to me appeared to be a young black teenager (not a man) and said to be from inside the home under construction, were shown many times on television. So, the new backstory that was being constructed for the public by the media was that Ahmaud Arbery did something wrong.

The AJC video is completely inconclusive. Moreover, the AJC’s Brad Schrade’s original writing left out any mention of a “man under a tree”. I called Brad Schrade to ask why that detail was left out of his text on the video on Monday at 3:34 PM. I explained who I was and that I planned to blog about the problem for Media’s Oakland News Now publication that you’re reading. The Pulitzer-Prize-Winning AJC reporter never called me back.

Then, I happened to see the CNN Don Lemon Show, and where the owner of the same house, Larry English, openly said there was no theft of any equipment from the home, and did not say the person in the video was Ahmaud Arbery.  As I went to make the that’s above, and read, again, the Schrade post, I noticed that this paragraph was added:

Soon after the figure in shorts and t-shirt enters the construction property, a man wearing what appears to be overalls walks near a stand of trees across the street from the site and the figure appears to be observing the construction site.

Mr. Schrade got my phone call, after all – and responded to it.

Now, let’s see if the AJC’s Brad Schrade will adjust his reporting on the video to reflect what Larry English said on CNN Tuesday night. Otherwise, what Brad Schrade appeared to be writing was nothing more than reputation management, and for the persons who Ahmaud Arbery, Gregory McMichael, 64-years-old, and his 34-year-old son, Travis McMichael. I should know, since Media is often called in to counter such mainstream media efforts at what I call ‘fixing the truth.’

In this case, Media was not hired by anyone. I simply felt it necessary to enter the issue and correct an obvious problem that threatened to block justice.

Stay tuned.

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By Zennie Abraham

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