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Frank Somerville Suspended Update: KTVU’s Amber Eikel Avoids Social Media Blasts After Action

In this Frank Somerville Suspended Update, we have Amber Eikel, KTVU News Director, continuing to avoid answering her many social media critics who claim her action of suspending the popular white Oakland, California anchor last Friday was an act of racism.

Even though there’s reason to suggest otherwise, the mainstream media story that got out by those who don’t regularly read Rich Lieberman’s blog (and he’s the man who broke the story of Frank’s being taken off the air, again), coupled with news websites that stole the story from Rich, is that Frank Somerville wanted to write about the problem of racism in media as evidenced by the outsized viral response to the Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie Case, but was rebuffed by KTVU News Director.

The way that story goes, the giant argument resulted in his ouster. The problem is, there’s no real evidence to back that claim, just heresay. Moreover, that story has been changed in mainstream media to read now that Frank wanted to comment on the air about the racism problem. Since that never came from the man who broke the story, Rich Lieberman , I have to believe some of that new information was fake and designed to discredit Lieberman by saying he did not get the story right – even though he talks to Somerville regularly, or did until Monday.

As he reported here Monday morning…

The Latest: Somerville Mum; KTVU Plans Series of Meetings

I REACHED OUT TO FRANK SOMERVILLE–he’s not talking on the advice of an attorney friend. Logical.

The whole subject matter has taken on a life of its own. Not that an opinion on domestic abuse/murder (Gabby Petito) is something trivial, it isn’t. And Somerville wanted to make a point about the media coverage.

Frank will not be back tonight and Mondday. I think KTVU (Fox) is planning multiple meetsings in both Oakland and at corporate. Gees, I wonder what’s at the top of the agenda.

I’ll be postingt when necessary.

What is clear and right is this:

Amber Eikel’s Attempts To Deflect The Frank Somerville Story Focus On Her Are Backfiring

Yep. Rather than make a statement to help repair KTVU’s image, Eikel, first, issues an Associated Press article on the KTVU website on the subject of media racism in coverage of missing persons on Sunday, then, today, issues a quote re-tweet on the COVID-19 case, writing, cryptically, Pfizer CEO:

Not surprisingly, the vultures attacked her:

And then this one:

Which brought more vulture attacks:

Amber Eikel Has To Stop The Social Media Bleeding Because KTVU Could Lose Sponsors If The Racist Claims Stick

The KTVU News Director has to issue some item of content that reverses the bad reputation, and now. Regardless of the tweet above, being branded racist is not something corporations want to be associated with, even if their staff makeup supports the idea.

Amanda Eikel has faced episodes where KTVU was accused on being racially insensitive – here’s another. Her failure to address the problem direct and head on is not a sign of good leadership, but of obvious fear to be a good leader.

Her actions remind me of legendary Oakland Hip-Hop Journalist Davey D’s January 8th, 2009 response to then-Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums failure to come out and meet the press in the wake of the murder of Oscar Grant at Fruitvale BART Station in 2009. Here’s the now epic rant from my vlog coverage of all that went down during that sad episode in Oakland’s storied history of racism:

The ball is clearly in Amber Eikel’s court, and there it will remain, begging her to do something other than ignore it.

Stay tuned.

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