Fayetteville GA 2018 NYE Party List (Where Do You Go?)

The Sort-Of-Official-But-Not-Really Fayetteville GA 2018 NYE Party List

It’s one thing to be in a place you know: home for New Year’s Eve. But what if you find yourself in a town you don’t know, like Fayetteville GA, otherwise known as Fayetteville, Georgia? What does one do in Fayetteville GA for New Year’s Eve 2018?

Well, from the looks of the search results, the answer appears to be “Go to Atlanta.” But if you want to stay away from what is generally called “Amateur hour,” the answer is to be fortunate enough to know someone throwing a party. But, if you’re not, you do have some options in Fayetteville GA.

First Option: Palette’s Paint Sip and Party

This is way under the radar, or was: Palette’s Paint Sip and Party at 1415 GA-85 #200A, Fayetteville, GA 30214. This is one of those gatherings where you paint and sip wine. It starts at 8:45 PM and goes to 15 minutes after the New Year kicks in, or in other words, 12:15 AM. It costs $40, and you can buy the tickets here:

Second Option: Best New Years Eve Party in Fayetteville, GA – Last Updated

This is a real fooler: Best New Years Eve Party in Fayetteville, GA – Last Updated leads to a Yelp page listing of places to go in Fayetteville GA that are all bars and eateries. If you chose this as your option, see if you can land an Uber or Lyft ride and not drive. But, given we’re talking Fayetteville GA, the selection of people driving ride share cars may be very slim. So, if you must drive, don’t go alone and have a designated driver. Or, when you get there, don’t have any alcoholic drinks, at all, save for one glass of bubbly stuff, and the rest food and water.

And what are your choices?

Well, the Yelp page was all wrong and would have you driving outside of Fayetteville, GA, so pay it no mind. I wound up making a list of alternative places. Thankfully, Frank’s At The Old Mill is at the top of this rather short list.

Frank’s At The Old Mill.

If you are looking for a great dinner place with a warm homey feeling, Frank’s At The Old Mill is it. The great eatery located at 1095 W Hwy 54, Fayetteville, GA 30214 and not far from Pinewood Studios Atlanta Fayetteville, has a special NYE menu that features (drum roll, please) Lobster! Check it out:

Broadway Diner

If you can’t get a seat at Frank’s and its 12 noon, call the Broadway Diner at 535 S.Glynn Street, Suite 1009 Fayetteville GA 30214. Unlike Frank’s, there’s no special New Year’s Eve menu, but the food they serve is always good as well as the service.

Longhorn Steakhouse

I like Longhorn Steakhouse, myself, and they’re serving until 10 PM. Just enough time to get in at 8, get a great meal, and then get home before 12 midnight, if that’s your objective. And, unlike Frank’s and like everyone else, there’s no special menu for New Year’s Eve. Still, the food’s pretty good, and as they say, you can’t fake steak.

And That’s All Folks

Well, as stated, its a short list.

Happy New Year!

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