Fayette County Democrats Leonard Presberg Talks Turning Georgia Blue, Film Industry Impact

FAYETTE COUNTY, Ga.- Is Fayette County GA ground zero for Democrats in 2018?

Can Georgia finally become a state with a governor who’s a Democrat, let alone it’s first black female leader? Is 2018 the year Georgia finally turns blue? Since this vlogger’s spending most of his time in Fayette County Georgia for his Mom, and has been a life-long, Democrat, and one of the first ever to be credentialed as a blogger to the Democratic National Convention (that was 2008) and is currently on the White House Press List that President Obama put him on in 2012, the itch to get out there, see what was going on, and meet the one man who could give some answers was finally scratched on Monday, July 9.

That was the day of the evening gathering of the Fayette County Democratic Party. After receiving email after email on the organizations activities, and from its spark plug Leonard Presberg, I went over to the event – and boy was it crowded! Standing room only and full of nice and energetic people this Oakland-dweller never met. All of them came to get involved in helping former state Rep. Stacey Abrams become Governor of Georgia.

In fact, Former Rep. Stacey Abrams, was scheduled to attend, but had a change of plans due to another event she had to attend with the local rapper T.I. That did not seem to dampen the sprits of the attendees, who were eager to learn of how to get involved and listened to a number of speakers. Now, I’ll tell you, you can visit the Fayette County Democrats Facebook Page and website to get all of those answers, because this post is about my talk with Mr. Leonard Presburg.

Is this is the year Georgia turns blue? “I think it is,” said Mr. Presberg. “I think with all of the promise chaos we see in the Republican Party and the promise chaos we need in the Republican gubernatorial candidates. The Supreme Court makes the states more important, and who the governor is vitally more important. In terms of protecting women’s health care. In terms of protecting (us) from gun violence.”

To me, Georgia and its people are a lot more liberal than they let on, so it seems it’s only a matter of time before it becomes blue. Presberg remarked that Stacey Abrams says Georgia really is a Democratic state, but it’s just “confused.”

The Film Industry Is Changing Georgia

Given that I live in Oakland, California, and have covered entertainment-related events like the Academy Awards and San Diego Comic Con over the past nine years, I have talked with many involved in various aspects of filmmaking about how California’s losing it’s production activity to Georgia.

Well, ok…lost it to Georgia.

One special effects house executive I met at San Diego Comic Con two years ago was quizzing me about who he should talk to about getting in line to bid on more work not in California, but in Georgia, and specificially Fayette County, where Pinewood Studios Atlanta Fayetteville, Georgia is located. All of this has to have an impact on Georgia’s culture and way of thinking about the World. Mr. Presberg confirmed that in our conversation, saying that the film industry in Georgia makes it become more open to accepting different kinds of people.

All of that just may combine with the current state of politics in America to turn Georgia blue. But I have to remark I do hope that Georgia maintains the good aspects of life down here: foremost among them that people here seem to like other people, even if they may find a Californian like me rather different.

That’s not to put down any other religion at all, but to say that in a World that’s becoming ever more complicated and intolerant, and coldly tech, it’s good to see that at least one part of America still believes in God and a more “non-tech” way of communicating: get out there, put down the cell phone, and meet people.

Stay tuned.

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