Erica Chapman Makeup Artist In Deshaun Watson Lawsuit Poses Prostitute Problem For Tony Buzbee

Erica Chapman Makeup Artist In Deshaun Watson Lawsuit Poses Prostitute Problem For Tony Buzbee

ONN – Erica Chapman Makeup Artist In Deshaun Watson Lawsuit Poses Prostitute Problem For Tony Buzbee – vlog by Zennie62 YouTube

Erica Chapman Makeup Artist In Deshaun Watson Lawsuit Poses Prostitute Problem For Tony Buzbee

It’s quite clear that some in the media are about the business of nothing less than assisting Tony Buzbee in the defamation of Houston Texans Quarterback Deshaun Watson. The latest news known to the public has Houston Super Lawyer Tony Buzbee filing his 23rd lawsuit against Watson, and just as the 22nd one was dropped for reasons concerning privacy. But the latest document spells problems for Tony Buzbee, starting with just who Erica Chapman is.

The lawsuit story has it that an Erica Chapman is a Houston makeup artist who was reported as an unlicensed massage therapist that Watston reportedly found on Instagram. A Google search for a Houston makeup artist does not reveal a Houston makeup artist by that name, but there is one named Erica Chapman and in Katy, Texas, just 29 miles away. But, the point is, she’s not in Houston.

When I searched for that Erica Chapman, the only listing was a Linkedin entry listed like this:

Erica Chapman – Freelance Makeup Artist – MAC Cosmetics … › erica-chapman-4a7446206
Katy, Texas, United States · ‎Freelance Makeup Artist · ‎MAC Cosmetics

Clicking on it revealed a result page explaining the profile was not available. Have a look here.

This means one of two things:

1) Erica Chapman didn’t know her name was attached to the Tony Buzbee Lawsuit, and sought to hide her profile because online searchers (not me) were contacting her. Or…

2) Erica Chapman did know her name was used and hid her profile from public view to hide a truth that would impact her case.

In either case, there are two more facts that are very clear, here. The first is that Tony Buzbee’s client Erica Chapman, in being cast as an “unlicensed massage therapist”, becomes an example of the kind of person that is using the guise of being an “unlicensed massage therapist” for prostitution. That comes from research done by TCU Professor Vanessa Bouche, who was introduced in a previous post.

Upon noting the coverage here, Professor Bouche noted that her research uncovered that the Houston massage therapists she found that were also involved in the sex trade were unlicensed. Again, Erica Chapman is reported to be a makeup artist and an “unlicensed massage therapist”.

In my vlog, I said that the clients represented by Gloria Allred do not hide from public view. Take Natalie Khawam, who I interviewed with Gloria at the Night of 100 Stars Oscars Party:

At no point did Natalie Khawam hide herself from view, and has a high-profile, today. Also, Tony has only introduced Ashley Solis to the media, but then Ms. Solis claimed her business has suffered and that she “currently cannot practice massage therapy” because of her alleged encounter with Deshaun Watson, but internet searchers revealed that her business was active and with current client testimonials that go up to the first of April.

Tony Buzbee’s Track Record Of Fake Clients And Fake Lawsuit Targets Matters

As stated before, Tony Buzbee has a track record of fake clients and fake lawsuit targets. The evidence is worth repeating:

The Buzbee Law Firm Has A Record Of Using The Names Of People As Clients Who Never Hired The Organization

If Tony Buzbee used the kind of class-action lawsuit way of gathering many people with similar grievances to join together and file a lawsuit, and the information on the women did not come from the Houston Texans, then it would also seem to follow a pattern where Buzbee uses questionable tactics to gain clients who have paper-thin claims – or even know that he’s representing them. Take the Hurricane Harvey matter – or, if you’re Tony, maybe you should forget it.

The Southwest Texas Record reports that in an effort to make money from the tragedy off Hurricane Harvey, The Buzbee Law Firm filed nearly 400 suits against insurers on behalf of clients who said they were impacted by Hurricane Harvey. Moreover, the publication reports that The Buzbee Law Firm partnered with another law firm who got clients with Spanish surnames via tables at flea markets. Moreover, it was found that The Buzbee Law Firm did not actually represent all 400 plaintiffs, but was presenting itself as if it did. Additionally, the Southwest Texas Record reports The Buzbee Law Firm’s practice of claiming to represent people who had no knowledge that their names were used in a lawsuit was common.

This is what the Southwest Texas Record reported about the case and about The Buzbee Law Firm:

Around half of the suits were brought against The Texas FAIR Plan Association, which was created by law to provide residential property insurance to persons who are unable to obtain coverage through the voluntary market.

Court records show the vast majority of the cases appear to be filed on behalf of plaintiffs with Hispanic surnames.

Furthermore, there are several attorneys not from Buzbee’s firm listed as co-counsel on the Harvey suits, attorneys who work for the Law Offices of Manuel Solis – a law firm that markets itself to Spanish-speaking individuals and is known for setting up booths at flea markets across Texas in search of clients impacted by severe weather events.

When asked if Solis referred the cases to him, Buzbee declined to name names.

“We have handled these cases from the beginning,” Buzbee said. “They came to us directly, but also many were referred to us.”

While the question of who exactly referred the cases to Buzbee remains unclear, another query, one being posed by a defendant insurer, has come to light – does the attorney actually represent all the plaintiffs in his lawsuits?

And then there’s this case of the fake client:

Tony Buzbee, a personal injury lawyer who earned millions fighting oil companies, maritime operators and insurance companies, got to the courthouse fast with his latest case representing the family of a Katy man recently killed in a rig explosion near New Orleans.

So fast, that he sued the wrong companies.

But this is just one complication in a case that has become even more complicated over the past few days. Buzbee was fired by the widow of Tim Morrison, then sued a Morrison family friend for interfering in the case and went to court to force Morrison’s family to pay his fee.

Morrison, 44, was killed Oct. 15 when an oil and gas storage rig on Lake Pontchartrain exploded. Buzbee in the lawsuit blamed two Houston companies, alleging that the subcontractors hired to clean pipes on the rig used cleaning materials that ignited and caused it to explode.

But one company named in the suit doesn’t seem to exist. And the other, a Houston industrial cleaning company, has no connection to the rig or the rig’s owner, Clovelly Oil Co. of New Orleans.

The case took an unexpected turn when Morrison’s widow, Erika, fired Buzbee’s law firm earlier this week. Buzbee shot back, suing a friend of Tim Morrison and three unnamed Louisiana lawyers for alleged tortious interference, saying in court records he stands to lose $10 million in legal fees the case would have “easily” generated. Then later this week, Buzbee’s firm asked the court to force his clients – Erika Morrison and her two young children -to pay the money he has coming.

Jack Jamison, a Dallas accident lawyer who has represented the Morrisons for years, called the situation “absurd and grotesque.”

“He is representing Mrs. Morrison while he is suing her,” Jamison said.

Buzbee, who won millions of dollars for clients injured by the 2010 Deepwater Horizon explosion, said he couldn’t sit idly by while Louisiana lawyers came to Houston to convince Erika Morrison to drop his firm. As for the wrongful death case – the original case that started this saga -Buzbee said he based it on information he received from officials he did not identify and that he believed to be correct.

So, as I stated before, given the film-flammery involved, it’s hard to take Tony Buzbee’s claims against Deshaun Watson at face value. First, he’s going to the Houston Police, then he says that political fears keep him from going, then he’s gone to the police, or his clients have. Prior to this, The Houston Police were openly trolling Tony on Twitter. Part of me thinks his actions in finally going to the police were more cosmetic than real.

I remain convinced this is a shakedown lawsuit against Deshaun Watson. I would love to have all of the texts and emails exchanged between Buzbee and anyone even remotely involved in the Watson case. The truth is there.

Stay tuned.


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