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(Last Updated On: April 27, 2020)

CVS Mail Order Service Cancelled Every Single Prescription I Placed –

So public service announcement. CVS’s Mail order service is a complete cluster. Every med I’ve tried to fill through them so I don’t have to put myself at risk by going into the pharmacy has been cancelled for no reason (even something as lame as Prilosec.) So this time the drugs to help me sleep were sent directly to them. They still haven’t filled them and are waiting for “more information.” This was sent in to them on Tuesday.

I just unleashed on them over the phone asking if the excuse of a “controlled substance” was why the cancelled my Prilosec. I’ll never get my meds from them so I’m going to have to now go out and risk it at Rite Aid because I can’t freaking sleep.

They don’t care about putting people at risk that need their meds apparently. I’ve tried everything and there was not a single reason they could give. My doctor submitted the prescription directly to them. I checked the site that they and it said the meds were supposed to be sent out and received by this date. Now they are stating the script was incomplete. How? How is that even possible? THE DOCTOR SENT IT TO YOU DIRECTLY WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED?

Already existing scripts they cancelled. Why? For something as mundane as Prilosec.

In a time like this, this is an essential way of getting meds. Luckily Rite Aid allowed me to get extras of my other medications when I told them this wasn’t working and that my insurance company was allowing additional fills due to the pandemic.

So thank you CVS for putting me at risk again for something I need that you are supposed to be supplying. There is no excuse for this, none. If I needed these for a life or death condition god help me.


By Jessica Dwyer

Jessica Dwyer is VIP Entertainment and Horror Blogger / Vlogger with Zennie62Media and the Founder of Fangirl Magazine.


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