Coronavirus Hazzard Grand Princess Cruise Ship Started From SF, To Dock At Port Of Oakland, Why?

Coronavirus Hazzard Grand Princess Cruise Ship Started From Sf, To Dock At Port Of Oakland, Why?
(Last Updated On: March 14, 2020)

Coronavirus Hazzard Grand Princess Cruise Ship Started From SF, To Dock At Port Of Oakland, Why?

ONN – Hazzard Grand Princess Cruise Ship Started From SF, To Dock At Port Of Oakland, Why?

transcript: All right look. The Grand Princess has sat off the coast of San Francisco for several days now because you have about 46 people who’ve been tested for the corona virus. One man who is on ER who died already – the ship came out of San Francisco it was in Mexico and Hawaii and no one exactly knows how or where or when the man who died originally contracted the okay?

So instead of sending the Grand Princess to Mexico which was a next port of call out of what they called an abundance of caution they said oh let’s send it to San Francisco only Gavin California governor and Gavin om longtime friend says hey you know what you’re not gonna bring it to San Francisco no so

reportedly the Trump administration through the CDC makes the call to send the Grand Princess to a non commercial port they said that Friday and then somehow between that point and about three hours ago some brilliant genius said let’s send it to Oakland because they didn’t want to send it to a non commercial port the idea is okay they send it to San Francisco they’re gonna split and piss off the cruise lines because they believe their coin is going to be impacted right, and it’s going to spread?

So then some brilliant genius thinks oh you know what we’ll send it to an industrial area an industrial port because it’s less likely to happen! Oh, so let me think about that for a moment: you mean the same port that hauls your commodities? The same Port – the port that hauls your grain? The same port that hauls food items and foodstuffs? The same Port of Oakland that is responsible for a substantial portion of the economic engine that is the western United States? Does that make any sense to you? Oh, and then lest we forget there are people who live around the Port of Oakland. Lest we forget there are people who work for the Port of Oakland.

Why is it that Oakland gets dumped on all the time? I mean there’s always a power broker to say hey San Francisco doesn’t get touched oh no no no no. But then they acquiesced with respect to Oakland and say oh send it to Oakland! Send it to Oakland!

There’s only one way one freakin way to think about I mean one freakin way to think about that
[Music] “Ain’t That A Bitch!”

Yeah sure as hell is.

I’m.. Did Libby know about this did Gavin text Libby and say hey would you be so kind as to let us park our Laden cruise ship in your Port of Oakland I’ll make it up to you some kind of way I will give you oh I don’t know money a billion I don’t know was there a deal cut I don’t know it just it boggles the mind it really boggles the mind how this happened and what lines of communication took place to cause Oakland once again to be placed in this position I mean you know it just it’s really puzzling to me there’s only one thing you can say in Johnny Guitar Watson already said it subscribe to Zennie62 on .


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