Clinton Killian: Shark Hires Alligator In Oakland For Security Work

Well-known Stanford and Cal-trained Oakland Lawyer Clinton Killian, is also known for a rather different but completely effective sense of humor. Now, before I continue, Clinton Killian has ran for the Oakland City Council on two occasions (for District Three and for the At-Large Seat) and has been involved in a number of efforts to help our city.

But this is personal…

On Facebook, he posted this bit of news, which popped up in my feed:

“So we planted a fig and lemon tree on the hill. They grew well, but the deer kept eating them. We put a fence around it and they jumped the fence. We strung rope to make it higher and they still jumped it. Finally we hired Seymore the alligator to be a watchdog over the trees. The deer have not jumped the fence since. The trees are finally growing”

This marks the first time in Oakland history (I figure it’s common in Florida) that a shark hired a lawyer to do a security job.

Stay tuned.

Oh, and GO BEARS, beat Stanford, Clinton!

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