City Of Oakland Lawsuit Vs Nfl, Oakland Raiders, To Be Dismissed; Prejudiced Judge Spero

City Of Oakland Lawsuit vs NFL, Oakland Raiders, To Be Dismissed; Prejudiced Judge Spero

City Of Oakland Lawsuit vs NFL, Oakland Raiders, To Be Dismissed; Prejudiced Judge Spero

ONN – City Of Oakland Lawsuit vs NFL, Oakland Raiders, To Be Dismissed; Prejudiced Judge Spero

After a further review of the case hearing from Friday, I have to report the City Of Oakland Lawsuit vs NFL and the Oakland Raiders will be dismissed. All that’s waiting is an explanation of what is “diversity” from the lawyers for the Raiders. (And no, that has zero to do with race).

The main problem is that Judge Joseph Spero, the Chief U.S. Magistrate Judge of the United States District Court for the Northern District of California, is obviously prejudiced against the case, in this blogger’s opinion. That has been clear from the beginning. Judge Spero not understand the history of the case, and consistently flubs on important details, and may be learning on his law clerks for his entire take on the matter.

For example, Spero’s comments during the hearing lean toward calling the relocation fee a “barrier to entry” for any city who wants an NFL team, when in point of fact it’s the NFL’s desire for public subsidy that forms the barrier. (In fairness to the NFL, it has tried to move away from public subsidies, but the Las Vegas Stadium, with its $750 million give, is the issue here, in that it formed a barrier for the City of Oakland to jump over.)

The fact is, not anyone can just get an NFL team in its city without the vote of the owners, and a complete background check of any potential NFL owner. The league is not a free market – its a cartel. But the real issue is missed in all of this: the lawsuit should be over breach of contract and not any anti-trust concerns.

Everyone and their mother knows the Oakland Raiders pulled a fast one on the City of Oakland. This has been a problem since 2015, when it became clear the Raiders were not being direct and clear about their intensions. Want proof? Look at this video called “Mark Davis Oakland Raiders Owner Caught Not Telling Truth On LA / Oakland Stadium

It would have been much better to simply copy and follow the St. Louis Lawsuit, chapter and verse? Why? Because the NFL Relocation Bylaws do provide a contract between the NFL Host City and the NFL and the NFL Team, in this case, the Raiders. The City of Oakland was not given a fair and true chance, but more important, the NFL should have focused on building a stadium in Oakland, only.

If Mark Davis and Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones had not gone through the push for Las Vegas, the Raiders would have been on a better financial footing by staying in Oakland.

Of course, if Mark Davis and Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones had not gone through the push for Las Vegas, then the NFL Owners would not have their cuts of the relocation fee, and Jerry Jones would not have been able to buy that $250 million yacht of his off the money from Legends, who got the Raiders Stadium and SoFi Stadium sponsorships. I still love Jerry Jones, the deal-maker; that does not mean I like every deal he does.

If the Raiders didn’t have the allergy against going after Apple, Facebook, and Google as sponsor partners, they could have stayed in Oakland, and realized a good $2 billion in sponsorships. But now, they’re operating in fear that the majority of sponsors are going to drop because of COVID-19. It’s wrecking Las Vegas, and just might financially wreck the Raiders along with it.

Apple, Facebook, and Google have a collective market value of $2 trillion, and nothing in Las Vegas or Nevada can match that. For the Raiders to not seek that, and for the NFL to allow the Raiders to avoid that, is shameful to say the least. But, I digress.

The lawsuit will be dismissed, perhaps by next week. Just pray that the jurisdiction issue doesn’t harm the breech of contract part of the lawsuit, thus allowing a go of it in state court.

But Joseph C. Spero owes Oakland Raider Nation a big fat apology. He never gave us a chance.

Stay tuned.

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