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Christine Romans, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Has $100 Billion, Are You Crazy?

ONN – Christine Romans, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Has $100 Billion, Are You Crazy?

For some reason CNN has taken a notably ultra conservative turn of late, and this episode starring Christine Romans is the latest example.

As I say in my Zennie62 on , she went out of her way to slant the story of Amazon backing out of negotiations to build its second headquarters in Long Island City, because New York City didn’t give the tech firm the billions of dollars in tax breaks and the anti-union protections it wanted.

But let’s get to the real issue here: Amazon Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos is worth $100 billion. You don’t ask for billions in tax breaks and public subsidies when your own net worth is greater than many nations, yet that’s what Jeff did. Then, Amazon doubled down on that silliness by quitting talks!

And Christine Romans and CNN defend Amazon? That is the craziest, stupidest, wildest example of someone just bowing to a person because they’re rich I’ve ever seen in my life.

Stan Kronke is worth much less than Jeff Bezos and yet is building the LA Rams NFL Stadium with private financing. Do not tell me Jeff can’t do that, because he can.

Google Shows Up Amazon In New York City

Google has completely shown up Amazon by spending $1 billion on a campus just south of the West Village that would enable it to double its local work force over the next decade. Oh, with no public money.

Christine Romans should explain herself and CNN here. Why is CNN suddenly in the tank for the most outrageous anti-working-class positions this ger has ever seen?

Stay tuned.

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