Charlie Casserly’s Dez Bryant Comments On NFL Network Were Stupid

(Last Updated On: December 29, 2018)

Oakland News Now – Charlie Casserly, the Network Analyst and former General Manager of The Washington Redskins, made some really stupid and seemingly personal comments about Dez Bryant on the broadcast of Thursday evening.

In an obvious rush to prove that Bryant is not the wide receiver he used to be with the Dallas Cowboys, Casserly used an example that made me wonder if he actually knew football.

Charlie used an example from the Cowboys vs Rams game of last year where Dallas lined up three wide receivers to the left with Dez Bryant as the middle slot pass catcher in the group of three: the outside receiver ran an up pattern, the inside-most receiver a kind of look-in patterned to the middle of the defense, and Bryant a slant pattern to the middle of the defense. Guess what? The Rams had Dez pattern covered with two inside linebackers and the free safety in the middle.

But Cowboys QB Dak Prescott threw the ball to Dez anyway. And it was a split second late throwing it. So it was a tick behind Dez – when Dez went to catch the ball he tipped it. Casserly says that because he did that Dez lost a step.


What should have happened was the play design should have allowed Dez the option of running a five yard out – away from the defense and that area of the field was wide open.

The play design was just stupid. But obviously Casserly doesn’t know enough football to see that. Sadly Dez has to be subjected to this kind of abuse. Charlie should be ashamed of himself. Network too.

Stay tuned.

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By Zennie Abraham

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