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CES Las Vegas 2020: Global Secure Cloud Debuts Its First IoT Solution

Rennes, France (press release) – After several years of R&D, Global Secure Cloud is proud to launch its first IoT brick at the CES Las Vegas 2020 show, with the ioTrapster solution dedicated to fishing professionals or non-professionals. The solution is a connected underwater trap which will be a real game changer for fishermen – and especially the lobster fishing industry.

ioTrapster, a solution for secure fishing at CES Las Vegas 2020

With a connected camera embedded in the trap, ioTrapster makes it possible to monitor the setting up and descent underwater of your trap on one hand, and check its content, on the other. Simply download the io Trapster app (available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store) and connect it to the trap via Bluetooth. Once connected, a text message is sent as soon as a living element enters the trap. ioTrapster is also equipped with a security device that prevents any trap theft by sending the trap’s GPS location through an embedded 4G chip.

Real-time notifications to monitor fishing at CES Las Vegas 2020

With photos, videos and the GPS location available through the app,you know easily whether the trap is full or empty. You don’t have to check on site anymore: ioTrapster avoids useless travels, optimizes the positioning and will let you monitor several traps at once.

ioTrapster’s advantages to facilitate sea trips include:

-easy positioning thanks to LiveView
-an embedded GPS is used to position and track the buoy linked to the trap-theft and cable damage detection: an alert is sent by text message in case of potential theft or threat-Easy trap monitoring through the app (switching-on, setting in standby mode)
-Trap videos and photos available at all times through the app-Less time is spent and fuel consumption is reduced by monitoring the trap and lifting it only when it is full A trap connected to the Breton (French) cloud for data storage

ioTrapster simplifies the life of fishermen.

Live View lets you know where the trap is set up, photos are taken at regular intervals and sent to a smartphone via the app. All data is collected in 4G and stored on our own secure private cloud, in Global Secure Cloud’s proprietary certified Data Center located in Châteaubourg (France).

About Global Secure Cloud

For over 14 years, Global Secure Cloud, a Bretagne Télécom company, has been supporting as a cloud service operator businesses and communities CIOs with information systems outsourcing, implementation of outsourced backups and / or Business Recovery Plans. It also offers tailor-made solutions such as Very High-Speed networks, VPN / MPLS private networks, hosted IP telephony (VoIP – Centrex), private and hybrid clouds, and IoT, the brand-new connected objects service.Owner of its ISO 27001 certified Data Center and Health Data Hosting (HDS), the Breton operator supports over 3,000 VSEs, SMEs and enterprise businesses. With real expertise, Global Secure Cloud relies on a seasoned team and certified processes to support its clients,from consulting,development and design to complete solutions deployment. Last but not least, it offers 24/7 managed services.

For more information: www.iotrapster.com

To learn more, please stop by the Global Secure Cloud booth at CES Las Vegas 2020, January 7-10, Booth G 50615.

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