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CES Las Vegas 2019: “Sunday” Startup Tech Product Combats Social Isolation

(Last Updated On: January 3, 2019)

Sunday, the smart object that fights social isolation by sharing photos and videos with the offline generation on their TV, will be on display at CES 2019 in the Village by Credit Agricole Pavilion at Stand 52511 in Eureka Park. Nelly Meunier, CEO, and Co-Founder will exhibit the Sunday magic from January 8-11, 2019.

The Sunday Story

It all started in 2014 when Nelly’s bedridden grandmother was in a nursing home with little way to communicate with loved ones. Seeing that their grandmother felt isolated and lonely, Nelly and Pierre, created a smart object capable of sending photos instantly to any TV from anywhere in the world. This solution bridged the technological and generational gap while connecting their grandmother without using social media or complicated to connect devices.
The photos and videos shared with Sunday on her TV quickly became her favorite “channel” and kept Nelly’s grandmother connected with family, even when geographically dispersed. It didn’t take long before other nursing home residents were clamoring for their TV channel and voilà, Sunday, was born!

The concept is simple: Plug Sunday into any TV’s HDMI port. Start sharing photos and videos to the TV using the web or mobile app. Make your grandparents smile.

The offline generation will not only love the painless installation process, but also the easy to grip Sunday Remote with only eight buttons and icons made with aging eyes in mind.
By 2018, 175 customers helped surpass crowdfunding and presale goals on Ulule; Parisians bought Sunday at Boutique Orange Paris Opéra, then devices sold across Europe on and in 35 Boulanger stores throughout France.

As of November 2018, Sunday is now available for retail and wholesale purchase in the United States. Sunday connects distant friends and relatives across the US to the seniors in their lives with a smart object designed with the aging population’s needs in mind.

Whether buying a Christmas gift for the grandparents or looking for a way to increase event participation at a long-term care facility, Sunday will help you fight loneliness and increase connectedness.

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