CES Las Vegas 2019: Can Promobot Help Prevent School Shootings?

A CES Las Vegas 2019 press announcement for Promobot claims the robotic business assistant can help prevent school shootings.

CES Las Vegas
CES Las Vegas

Warminster, Pennsylvania – Cool New AI Robotic Technology: See Promobot – the amazing innovative business assistant at the official Promobot booth at CES Las Vegas 2019, also called the 2019 Consumer Technology Association (CTA) Trade Show from January 8-11th at Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino, booth #921. (Meet Lyda, Zennie62Media’s Official Music Artist at CES Las Vegas 2019.)

Thanks to the SDK platform, Promobot can be integrated with external systems and devices. This allows it to perform narrowly focused business roles such as consultant, guide and concierge. Promobot is used in retail, banking, customer service departments, railway stations, medical institutions and many additional contexts, and is currently working in 26 countries world-wide.

Designed to operate as an additional employee, Promobot helps companies increase productivity and the quality of their service. The robot moves autonomously, helps with navigation, answers questions and presents promotional materials, all the while remembering everyone with whom it interacts.

Observe the Multiple Roles of Promobot

Promobot can perform as a building manager, robot-consultant and even accept payments. With Emotional AI technology, Promobot recognizes more than 20 emotions. See how Eastlake Company is evaluating Promobot as a potential weapons detection tool to prevent school shootings:

An Eastlake company believes it can provide a good answer to that question with a weapons detection robot that it has developed.

Intellitronix, a manufacturer based on Melinz Parkway, recently filed for a patent on the robot, which uses a camera and pattern recognition to identify weapons with a high degree of accuracy, the company stated in a news release. The company has started marketing the weapons detection robot while the patent is pending.

“Intellitronix sees weapons detection as a growing market, especially in schools,” said Paul Spivak, the company’s president and CEO.

The company is advancing that effort by designing and providing sophisticated electronics that go into a robot which is manufactured by Promobot LLC, a company based in Russia. Intellitronix holds the exclusive marketing rights for Promobots in the United States.

Spivak recently demonstrated how the weapons detection robot works.

It stands 5 feet tall and is connected to the IBM Watson supercomputer. A camera attached to the robot’s shoulder takes pictures of people it encounters and determines whether or not they’re carrying a weapon.

Promobot As Building Manager/Concierge

As an automated AI equipped concierge, Promobot allows a company to make a throughput system more profitable and more efficient. The robot integrates with the company’s accounting and access control system. It identifies and registers visitors, issues passes and provides access.

Promobot As Consultant

Promobot initiates communication with visitors to present the various user activated services of the company, helping visitors utilize the services as it integrates with the electronic queue system.

Promobot as Sophisticated AI Equipped Communicator

Promobot recognizes emotions and can build a communication strategy that takes into account the emotional state of the customer. This ability helps build trust and increase customer loyalty.

Promobot As Payment Processor

Promobot can be equipped with a payment terminal in order to simplify the payment process for goods or services. The robot presents the benefits of a product, makes the sell and then accepts payment by credit card and even issues a receipt!

Promobot as Dancer/Performer

Watch a team of Promobots perform synchronized dance every hour! This bright performance is not only fascinating to watch, but you may also want to film and share it with your friends via your favorite Social Media.

Promobot as Political Figure

Promobot is the robot that recently shook hands with the President of The Russian Federation – Vladimir Putin!

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