CES 2021: HD Medical Unveils HealthyU, ECG & Heart Sound Wireless Device

For CES 2021, HD Medical Unveils HealthyU, the First At-Home ECG & Heart Sound Wireless Device to Offer 7-Lead ECG

HealthyU delivers five Intensive Care Unit (ICU) technologies in one simple device for the patient and provider to connect remotely without sacrificing quality of critical data points


Santa Clara, Calif. –  In response to the long-time challenges of cardiovascular disease monitoring and, now, specific needs of cardiac patients in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, HD Medical, Inc., today introduces HealthyU, an intelligent remote patient monitoring device. HealthyU is the first home cardiac device on the market to provide 7-lead ECG with a plethora of other critical health insights typically only available through multiple devices in the ICU or at a clinic. Its entirely wireless capabilities include heart and lung sounds (like a stethoscope), ECG, Heart Rate Variability, SpO2 (blood oxygen), temperature, respiration (through the finger) and cuffless blood pressure.

HealthyU takes complex healthcare devices and turns them into one easy-to-use device for the patient within a simple platform for the patient and the provider to connect via any video conferencing tool. HealthyU connects directly to the patient’s laptop and within any Zoom, Google Meet or another video tool the provider prefers, the provider can see the patient’s screen share of data and listen live to the heart and lung sounds. Providers can listen using standard headphones or connect their HD Steth Pod, HD Medical’s flagship smart stethoscope technology.

Created for and available first to those with cardiac care needs, HealthyU will also be available to clinical partners for research, and to corporate wellness partners seeking employee wellness offerings of this caliber. Future availability also includes human performance and sports medicine industries that need to keep a close eye on cardiac health for athletes and other physically demanding activities.

HealthyU is built upon HD Medical’s proprietary, FDA-cleared technology for electronic stethoscope, phonocardiograph and electrocardiograph used in its flagship product, HD Steth. HD Steth is an intelligent stethoscope that helps clinicians simultaneously capture, record, replay, and visualize heart sounds and ECG waveforms on a smart device to help detect multiple cardiac abnormalities. Subtle heart sounds are difficult, if not impossible, to hear during auscultation. HD Steth’s unsurpassed sound fidelity enhanced by its patented visualization technology allows clinicians to see the heart sounds and receive instant cardiac insights.

Stay tuned.  More from CES 2021, on this product, to come.

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