CES 2019 Las Vegas: Retail and Money Focus Of “Living in Digital Times”

Living in Digital Times at CES Las Vegas 2019 looks at the disruption in retail and money.

LAS VEGAS (press release) – CES 2019 Las Vegas Living in Digital Times, LLC (LIDT), a partner program of CES, shared the hottest trends in the digitalization of commerce and new technologies in retail at CES Las Vegas 2019 (January 8-11 in Las Vegas). Every year CES explores how new technology trends in emerging vertical markets as well as our daily lives. (Meet Lyda, Zennie62Media’s Official Music Artist at CES Las Vegas 2019.)

CES Las Vegas
CES Las Vegas

CES Las Vegas 2019: The Digital Money Forum

Your Financial Health will be Measured the Same Way your Physical Fitness health is Measured Today: The Digital Money Forum kicks off with a press breakfast where MoneyLion and MINDBODY look at how consumers are driving this phenomenon.

A Year Ago the Prophets were Giddy over the Potential for Cryptocurrency: This year they’re calling it a Crypto Winter. Doomsayers will see that what we’re looking at is a maturing segment that’s weeding the wheat from the chaff.

Fintech and TechFin is a Shotgun Marriage that Worked: You’ll hear from companies that have added voice capability to robo chat, easy access, loyalty and KYC (know your customer) to the work of financial institutions. Meet some of the most important voices in crypto.

Can Blockchain Grow Up?: The next Wikipedia, Google or Facebook will likely be built on the blockchain if it can get over some of its biggest challenges — scalability and latency.

CES Las Vegas 2019 High Tech Retailing Marketplace and Conference

Customers are hungry for experience and want rich experiences online and off. We’ll look at AR and VR, 3D printing, personalized products, display signage, voice search, rich visual search and other inviting elements of the customer experience. Plus, unattended retail will debut to make its mark on the scene.

The Experience Customers Want is the Data You Need: Predictive behavior, machine learning, behavioral analysis. We’ll be dissecting customer patterns to discover more targeted, personalized approaches to identifying, acquiring and retaining customers. Customer acquisition is not cheap, but neither was targeting the whole world.

Efficiencies in Retail will Come from Tech: You’ll see smart-tagged garments, 5G retail experiences, Internet-of commerce-enabled things, smart contracts, and the ecosystem behind retail are all undergoing radical tech transformation.

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