CES 2019 Las Vegas: Croatian Startup Orqa Lets You Fly A Virtual Drone

(Last Updated On: December 10, 2019)

Las Vegas – Orqa FPV.One remote reality at 2019 Las Vegas.

Orqa, a Croatian hardware development team, selects 2019 Las Vegas to unveil the FPV.One, an immersive headset for exciting new Remote Reality applications. (Meet Lyda, Zennie62Media’s Official Music Artist at CES Las Vegas 2019.)

Immersive First-Person View (iFPV) is today’s technology for imaging, transfer, and immersive reproduction of low-latency video, for the purpose of control and/or monitoring of remote equipment, typically remotely operated vehicles (ROVs). Remote Reality (RR) is a new innovative way of enabling a user’s immersive experience of remote real-world environments in real-time.

CES Las Vegas

Srdjan Kovacevic, CEO, Orqa: “The Orqa technology enables the immersive experien and advanced RR applications than the world is waiting for. Orqa targets the most demanding applications in drone racing and competitive freestyle acro-flying. Our in-house FPV technology pla Orqa at the top of the emerging Remote Reality market.”

The Orqa FPV.One headset can even be implemented in fighter pilot helmets enabling a true stereoscopic view. This is achieved with a setup including a pan-and-tilt gimbaled dual camera controlled by a gyroscopic sensor.

The lead development team is a friendly bunch that welcomes you to their minuscule booth at Eureka Park. However, with the FPV.One goggles on you are immediately flying away.

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