Horse Rock Olive Oil

Celeste White of Napa and Robert White of Napa Offer Horse Rock Olive Oil Online

Olive oil used by top chefs now for sale direct to public, gourmets

Gourmets are in for a treat: A beloved Napa Valley family farm’s small-batch olive oil is now finally available to the public. Created by farm owners Celeste White of Napa and husband Robert White of Napa, the hand-crafted Horse Rock Olive Oil was previously only available at the farm.

Horse Rock Olive Oil is considered one of the finest olive oils produced in the Napa Valley, called “the grand olive oil” by French vintner Jean-Charles Boisset, proprietor of the Boisset Collection in the Napa Valley. It is offered exclusively via the farm’s website.

It is lovingly crafted from the fruit of 150-year-old Mission olive trees that were planted around the same time as the first grapevines in this world-famous wine growing region. The olive groves are located at an ideal elevation above the valley floor along the famous Silverado Trail, above the world-famous Stag’s Leap viticultural area. Because of this location, not only do the trees produce olives with a unique flavor profile, they also survived the Atlas Peak fire in 2017.

“Producing Horse Rock Olive Oil has been a true labor of love for our family for decades, since we were fortunate enough to purchase the farm some thirty years ago,” said Celeste White of Napa. “We’re thrilled to be able to offer this ‘chef’s secret’ to a wider audience so they can enjoy it on their home tables.”

Chef De Cuisine Timothy Wood of the Grandview Restaurant in Colorado Springs raved that Horse Rock Olive Oil is “ideal for heirloom tomatoes and grilled bread in the summer or finishing your roasted root vegetables in the winter.”

His customers have to date been some of the few to enjoy this fine culinary product. Only 125 cases of Horse Rock Olive Oil are produced each year, making it an exclusive gourmet ingredient for those fortunate enough to acquire it. The farm maintains a mailing list of customers who would like to obtain an allocation of Horse Rock Olive Oil in future years.

“While we’re excited to bring the taste we love to more people, we’re also committed to the hand-crafted approach that guarantees its top-shelf quality,” said Robert White of Napa, co-owner of the farm with wife Celeste White. “You can’t make more of this than nature allows.”

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