California Governor Jerry Brown And Climate Change Focus Of The Nation Magazine

The steps that first-generation leaders like [California governor Jerry] Brown have taken are too small to meet the demands of the moment,” explains renowned activist Bill McKibben in his introduction to the issue. “Yes, Brown is standing up to President Trump, and yes, he’s done more than other governors have. But when it comes to climate change, it’s physics that we must measure ourselves against—and by that standard, we’re losing…. Perhaps we should be prepared to honor [Brown] as a pioneer in the early stages of this fight—not as a leader in its current and future battles.”

Part I of the Special Issue:

Bill McKibben | Jerry Brown’s Climate Legacy Is Still Being Decided

The California governor has been a stellar first-generation climate leader, but now science requires leaving fossil fuels in the ground.

Mark Hertsgaard | Jerry Brown vs. the Climate Wreckers: Is He Doing Enough?

The California governor has led the nation in reducing emissions, but activists say he won’t take the next step: leaving fossil fuels in the ground.

The Nation | Words of Warning: The Top 10 ‘Nation’ Articles on Climate Change

We tried to tell you.

Part II of the special issue will be published online tomorrow. These articles appear in the September 24/October 1, 2018, edition of The Nation magazine, on stands next week. PDFs available upon request. Select contributors available for comment. For booking requests or further information, please see contact information above.

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