Buffy Wicks Statement On Phasing Out Oil Production In California, Release Of Environmental Platform

California Assemblymember Buffy Wicks
(Last Updated On: August 15, 2020)

Today , California AD 15 candidate, released the following statement:

“We must phase off old energy production and work to build alternative sources of energy to protect California’s climate,” Buffy said. “The announcement today by the Trump Administration of rollbacks to coal regulations put in place by President Obama further underscores the need for our state to continue to lead the nation to combat climate change. Nearly three-quarters of the new oil wells drilled in California in the past 7 years were in low income communities of color. Clean air and water for our kids must be a top priority.”

Buffy has released her environment and energy platform, outlining action steps to combat climate change and fight back against Trump’s dangerous deregulatory agenda.

“We must focus our development on transit-oriented housing and eliminate gas cars; equip people with the tools they need to succeed in clean energy jobs; hold big polluters and industry accountable to local and state air quality laws; expand children’s access to quality healthcare to address our public health crisis; and ensure that all community members — from our student to homeless populations — have access to safe and clean water as we experience more frequent droughts,” said Buffy.

“To get this work done, we’re going to need to build strong coalitions and find creative solutions to achieve a cleaner, more equitable economy,” she said.


By Buffy Wicks

Assemblymember Buffy Wicks (D - Oakland, 15th District)


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