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Buffy Wicks Assembly District 15 Candidate Releases Policy Platform On Housing

California Assemblymember Buffy WicksCalifornia Assemblymember Buffy Wicks
(Last Updated On: December 29, 2018)

Berkeley, CA.– Today the for State Assembly campaign released its updated housing platform.

Initially released in January, Buffy’s housing platform calls for measures to improve housing accessibility and affordability through quickly building more housing for low- and middle- income families, passing the $4 billion dollar statewide housing bond, reforming Costa-Hawkins, and implementing safety nets to protect existing tenants from displacement, especially seniors and people with disabilities.

“We need more housing across the board,” said Buffy. “I would fight for progressive and practical solutions that focus on creating homes for everyone who wants to be a part of our community. I firmly believe that we can achieve sensible policies that create housing, strengthen our neighborhoods, and help the Bay Area live up to its values of welcoming newcomers and sharing prosperity.”

“This will be one of my top priorities in Sacramento,” said Buffy. “Tackling the housing shortage through sustainable and inclusive legislation, while guarding against displacement, will improve the standard of living for all Bay Area residents.:

More information on Buffy’s platform and priorities can be found at

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