Buccaneers Changing Offense For Tom Brady, But Not For Jameis Winston, Is Racist – Part 2

Buccaneers Changing Offense For Tom Brady, But Not For Jameis Winston, Is Racist – Part 2
(Last Updated On: August 6, 2020)

Buccaneers Changing Offense For Tom Brady, But Not For Jameis Winston, Is Racist – Part 2

ONN – Buccaneers Changing Offense For Tom Brady, But Not For Jameis Winston, Is Racist

For years with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Jameis Winston toiled in a long-passing-game offense. First, by Dirk Koetter, then by Bruce Arians. Even though it was clear that the answer to Winston’s woes was a spread, short-passing game offense with a power-running game component, the Bucs continued to throw Winston into some of the most inflexible offenses I have ever seen.

Last year, Carson Palmer, who played in Arians’ Offense when he was with the Arizona Cardinals, said that Winston needed another year to learn his approach. Well, the Bucs got rid of Winston, even though he set passing records in the offense, and got Tom Brady from New England. The white-oriented media fed anyone who would listen (not me) the idea that Brady would be better than Winston in the same offense. (And in the process, seemed to forget that Bill Belichick and Josh McDaniels existed.)

But now this:

Well, the that the offense will not be the same should tell anyone who knows football that such an action is a admission that the previous design was bad. And yet, they had Jameis Winston play in that bad offense, and then get hurt in it, and eventually driven from the team because of it. Yet, all the while, they feed the racist media the idea that it was Jameis Winston’s fault.

Now we know it was not. The offense was so badly designed, they would not ask Tom Brady to play in it, the way it was.

Folks. That’s racism.

Jameis Winston knows football, but the Bucs forced Arians system on him, rather than asking him how to make it better. So, he makes mistakes in a bad system, and they blame him for the system. Wow.

Former Tampa Bay Wide Receiver Louis Murphy said it best in 2016 and in a since-removed statement to The Undefeated: “”Racism is still prevalent today. I don’t want to get into it too much, but yeah, he (Jameis Winston) deals with stuff (in rival stadiums). Everybody deals with stuff. Racism is still alive. It’s real.”

And J.R. Gamble wrote this for The Shadow Leaque:

I even started writing stories about the quarterback position finally being post-racial. All of that sounds good and it definitely puts non-people of color more at ease when we choose to ignore the years of systemic racism that has hindered the success of Black quarterbacks in the NFL.

Marcellus Bennett was also outspoken about the NFL’s racism problem: “Peyton Manning threw 28 interceptions in 98, Eli (Manning) 27 in 2013. Jameis Winston threw 30 in 19 and led the league in passing. But look at the narratives around them at the time.Arizona Cardinals couldn’t wait to fire Steve Wills to hire an up and coming white boy. While Matt Patricia gets another chance after sucking for 2 years. Why?

And Tampa Bay Buccaneers Coach Bruce Arians Was All-In For Giving Up His Offensive Approach For Brady, But Not For Winston

Arians: “He’s got six rings.” But Coach Bruce seemed to forget they were all under Bill Belichick.

Stay tuned.

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