Brian Kemp’s Lead Over Stacey Abrams Falls To 50.24 – 48.82 In Georgia Gubernatorial Race

Stacey Abrams and Brian Kemp
Stacey Abrams and Brian Kemp (photo courtesy of Politico)

On Election Night 2018, Brian Kemp was Georgia Secretary of State and seemingly sitting pretty with a 51.7 percent lead in his Georgia Gubernatorial Race battle with lawyer and former legislator Stacey Abrams. But, contrary to Kemp’s assertions, not all of the votes had been counted, so, over the week, his lead began to erode.

By Friday of last week, Brian Kemp found himself with 50.33 percent of the vote. Still, undaunted, Kemp resigned from his job as Georgia’s Secretary of State, appointed a replacement, and declared himself the winner of the Gubernatorial Race.

But the votes were still being counted.

So, by Monday morning of this week, Kemp’s lead fell yet again to 50.27 percent and then by Tuesday morning fell again to 50.26 percent versus 48.78 percent for Stacey Abrams.

Now, on Thursday morning November 14th, Kemp’s lead fell yet again to 50.24 percent, whereas Abrams share jumped to 48.82 percent. In less than a week, Brian Kemp has lost 1.46 percent of the voting lead he once held, and there are votes still to be counted.

And because of Abrams’ lawsuit, filed on Monday, those votes are being counted.

The moment Kemp’s share of the total votes drops below 50.00, by Georgia elections law, the Georgia Gubernatorial Race goes into a runoff.

Stay tuned.

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