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(Last Updated On: December 29, 2018)

At 2019 introduces 7nm for infrastructure.

TAIPEI, Taiwan – Developed by , Inc., the 7nm with high performance, high speed, high computing capability, and its associated hardware will be introduced for the first time during 2019 from January 8 to January 11, 2019. (Meet Lyda, Zennie62Media’s Official Music Artist at CES Las Vegas 2019.)

The rise of 3.0 has driven the requirements of infrastructure layer computing chip and hardware equipment. However, the ecosphere faces the dilemma of failure in emphasizing both the development of chip R&D and system design capabilities. In order to provide higher performance in industry with software/hardware integration solution, , the IC design startup company of in Taiwan, has been actively dedicated to the R&D of core computing capability, and technology development of ASIC and hardware equipment.

“Hardware is the solution for , and semiconductor is the foundation for the solution. previews the explosive growth of applications of integrated with IoT at the hardware layer. By following the trend, the core team with more than a decade of experience in semiconductor and ICT industry was established in October 2017 with the objective of creating more diversified software/hardware integration applications starting from the bottom layer of ecosystem. Beginning with chip design, it will be expanded to the network layer and applications in order to create a complete ecosystem,” stated by Kyle Yan, CEO of .

“To provide the most comprehensive products and services, the team includes superior talents in various fields, such as IC design, IC manufacturing, construction of blockchain architecture, and development of AI algorithm. It can be regarded as a self-developed micro-industrial chain. Based on years of experience in the IC industry, started from the independent chip design while working with multiple ecological partners to gradually develop the comprehensive solution ‘DAIOT (Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) + AIoT)’ under the future blockchain 4.0,” Yan added.

Whalechain Technology has been continually developing computing chip and hardware device. The first step to make Whalechain Technology stride forward to the world is to announce the 7nm and hardware for the first time in 2019. Whalechain Technology has successfully helped the customers to complete the tape-out of 7nm ASIC in Q3 of 2018 and is in the stage of sample-out currently.

What Is ?

is an Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) is an integrated circuit (IC) customized for a particular use. For example, a chip designed for high-efficiency blockchain hardware equipment is an ASIC.

Looking forward to the future, Whalechain Technology the team will be dedicated to the development of FPGA, General Blockchain Processor (GBP), distribute computing system plan to gradually establish the layout of fundamental hardware products in the “DAIOT” blockchain ecosystem, and enhance the influence of bottom layer of the architecture. Furthermore, Whalechain Technology is achieving the complete blockchain ecosystem from chip, hardware equipment to applications.

Founded in Taiwan, the place where has the powerful technology knowledge, Whalechain Technology aims to start as the foundation of ecosystem to integrate the industrial chain in Taiwan. With the advantages of the diverse team background and its unique blockchain technology, Whalechain Technology benefits the industry to accelerate the requirement of hardware for blockchain 4.0 in the future. It can create more diversified blockchain applications and implement the vision of development.

Whalechain Technology will attend 2019 from January 8 to January 11 in to demonstrate 7 nm SHA256 ASIC and hardware. For more information please refer to the following exhibition information.

Booth number: South Plaza #61031
Conference room: South Hall MP25480

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